PV Sindhu gave the message “I retire” to her fans through her social media post , Here is the Twitte

PV Sindhu Twiits " I Retire"
PV Sindhu Twiits ” I Retire”

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  Indian badminton star PV Sindhu shared a message on Twitter and Instagram on Monday.  Sent to a frenzy on social media, which started with “I Retire” written in a big and bold letter.  “The Denmark Open is the ultimate in how he wants to be clear with his feelings and told fans that  will be confused when reading the message, but they have” learned about my point of view. “He wrote about the coronavirus epidemic and how it affected him.  Provides twisting.

  “Today I have decided to retire from this current turmoil. I have retired from this negativity,” he wrote, before admitting that he gave readers a “mini heart attack.”

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  The message is to be careful and not to adapt to the “vigilant attitude towards the virus”.

  Social media users were shocked, but in the end his post became clear to everyone.

  The statement said that if faced with difficulties, “one must fight twice as much as he did in training and at the Asia Open” users on social media were shocked, but eventually resigned.  One user wrote, “It scared me for a moment. We all need to unite against this virus by following protocol. We will fight the virus together,” one user wrote.  “Stunned at first … then relieved. Great publicity,” another fan wrote.

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