The MHA has issued new Covid guidelines: only necessary activities are allowed in controlled areas, directing crowd control.

Central Government of India , MHA issued New Covid -19 Guidlines
Central Government of India , MHA issued New Covid -19 Guidlines—Getty image

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  The Union Home Ministry has issued new guidelines for surveillance, control and vigilance in the current coronavirus epidemic.  Effective December 1, the directive has made it mandatory for jetties, states and union territories to have strict control measures on various activities, strictly enforce standard operating procedures (SOPs) and COVID-appropriate code of conduct and caution and crowd control.

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   Night Curfew, Will remain in force: New curfews have been imposed in these cities as the incidence of covid increases.

  The ministry directive will only allow necessary activities in the containment zones.

  The order states that the prescribed maintenance measures will be strictly followed and the State / UT Governments will be held accountable to the concerned officials. The local district, police and municipal authorities will be responsible for conducting and controlling all these activities.

Surveillance and Containment

  •   The States / UTs will consider the guidelines laid down by the MHFW in this regard. At the lower level, the list of container zones should be posted on the websites by the concerned District Collectors and the State / UTs to ensure delimitation of container zones by the district authorities.  This list will be linked to MHFW together.


  •   Within designated containment zones, the regulatory measures set by MHFW will be unreasonably followed, including:
  •   Only necessary activities will be allowed in the containment zones.


  •   There will be strict perimeter control to ensure that the movement of people in or out of these areas is being controlled without medical emergencies and without maintaining the supply of essential goods and services.


  •   Surveillance teams created for this purpose will conduct house-to-house health surveillance.


  •   Will be tested according to the prescribed protocol.


  • The contact list will be managed with the consent of all persons who receive a positive, including their tracking, identification, segregation and 14-day contact follow-up (80 percent of the contact will be detected within 72 hours).


  •   Covid-19 patients should be assured of rapid segregation treatment facility / home (subject to home segregation instructions).
  •   Clinical interventions will be conducted as prescribed.


  •   Surveillance for ILI / SARI cases will be done in healthcare or mobile units or in the buffer zone with fever or related matters through clinics.

  •  COVID-19 will create awareness in the community on appropriate behavior.


  • Strictly follow the conceptual steps prescribed by the local district, police and municipal authorities and the State / UT Governments will be responsible for ensuring the accountability of the concerned officials in this regard.


  Punjab night curfew will remain in force, fines for violating Covid’s guidelines have been doubled.

  Covid Appropriate behavior

  •   State / UT Governments will take all necessary measures to promote Kavid-19 appropriate conduct and ensure strict rules on wearing masks, hand hygiene and social distance.


  • In order to implement the basic requirements of wearing face masks, the States and Union Territories will impose appropriate fines on the public and those who do not wear masks in the workplace considering administrative measures.


  •   The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MHFW) will issue an SOP to maintain social distance in crowded places, especially in markets, weekly hats and public transport, which will be strictly enforced by the states and union territories.


  •   National guidelines for the operation of COVID-19 will be mandatory to be followed throughout the country, so that the COVID-19 Code of Conduct can be properly enforced.

  •   Strict adherence to prescribed SOPs

  •   All activities outside of content zones are permitted, except the following, with certain restrictions:


  • These will be approved by the MAHA


  •  Passengers travel international flights.


  •   Cinema halls and theaters, up to 50 percent of the audience will be.


  •  Swimming pool, only for training sports people.


  • Exhibition halls, for business purposes only (B2B).


  • Social capacity / sports / entertainment / educational / cultural / religious gatherings, up to a maximum of 50 percent of the hall capacity, with a ceiling of 200 people in a closed space;  And view the size of the field in an open space


  • However, based on their assessment of the situation, the State / UT Governments may reduce the ceiling to 100 persons or less in closed spaces.


  •   For everyone’s information, the guidelines compile a list of 19 SOPs from time to time to regulate permitted activities.  These SOPs will be strictly enforced by the concerned authorities, who will be responsible for strictly enforcing them.

  Local restrictions

  •   States and Union Territories may impose local restrictions to prevent the spread of COVID-19, such as night curfew, based on their assessment of the situation.  However, the States / UTs shall not impose any control system (State / District / Subdivision / City level) without prior consultation with the Central Government.


  •   Social distance rules will also apply to offices in states and union territories.  In cities where the weekly case positivity rate is more than 10 per cent, the concerned States and Union Territories will simultaneously consider implementing stagnant office hours and other appropriate measures to reduce the number of employees in the office.


  •   There are no restrictions on interstate and interstate traffic

  •   Under the agreement with neighboring countries, there are no restrictions on inter-state and inter-state and inter-state movement. No separate permission / approval / e-permit is required for such movement.

  Protection of vulnerable persons

  •   Unprotected persons, e.g., persons over 65 years of age, co-sick persons, pregnant women and children under 10 years of age are advised to stay at home except to meet necessary needs and for health purposes.

  •   Delhiites have been told to be careful.  It has been said to follow the instructions of Kovid

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