Brenton Pharmaceuticals Limited antiviral drug Favipirbi for LATEST treatment under the brand name ‘Faviton’.  effective treatment and Readily available for Covid -19 


Covid-19   effective and  Readily available
Medicine Favipirbi


New Delhi :-Diew to the rapid growth of coronavirus, the world is now desperately trying to reduce the spread of Covid-19 infection and find effective treatments for coronavirus infection.  Brenton Pharmaceuticals Limited, one of India’s top pharmaceutical manufacturers, has created a price competition, announcing approval to manufacture and sell the antiviral drug Favipirbi for LATEST treatment under the brand name ‘Faviton’.  Which is approved by the Drugs Controller General of India (DCGI).
  On Thursday, Pune-based Brenton Pharmaceuticals said in a statement that the drug “Faviton” will be sold in 200 mg tablets, with a maximum retail price of Rs 59 per tablet, slightly lower than Glenmark’s Phobiflu.
  Faviton is a generic version of Avigan from Fujifilm Toyama Chemical Co., a subsidiary of Fujifilm Corporation.  Earlier, Favipirabi was developed by Fujifilm Toyama Chemical in Japan, which was effective in moderate infections.
  The price of Glenmark’s Faviflu has gradually come down to 103 / pill and then to 75 / pill, which is 200 mg per tablet for Russia. The lowest market cost is 600 rupees compared to Favipirbir in other countries.
  Considering the increase in the number of patients with mild to moderate viral load in most of the patients in the country, India is committed to the manufacturers of Covid-19 drugs.
  Positive clinical evidence found worldwide shows that Favipirbir is an effective treatment option for mild to moderate coronavirus patients.  The company asserted in a statement that it is a drug for oral administration, which is more effective than drugs for intravenous administration.
  In the case of Glanmark Pharmaceuticals, it is noteworthy that Glenmark Pharmaceuticals internally developed the API and formula for Faviprabi drugs.  Glanmark was at the forefront of the production and endorsement of the medium to mild corona infection drug Faviplirabi last April.
  After being questioned about the price of its Phobiflu drug, Glenmark claimed that Fabiflu was more economical than other available drugs (including Tokilizumab, Remadesivir and Itolizumab).
  Britain Pharmaceuticals was known to supply the drug in the form of 200 mg tablets and plans to export Faviton worldwide.  Faviton will be sold in 10 and 50 boxes each – a reasonable therapeutic package for COVID-19 treatment.  Faviton can be used to treat patients with mild to moderate Covid-19 infections and has a shelf life of 90 days, the agency said.
  According to UK Pharmaceuticals, Favipirbir was first endorsed by coronavirus patients in India in June 2020.
  Rahul Kumar Darda, CMD, Brenton Pharma, as a socially responsible corporation, said, “We are always striving for a proof-based quality system to fight Covid-19. Our strategic plan is to improve access through our strong distribution network, which all COVIDs  Faviton must meet adequacy in all 19 medical centers.
  To date, Kovid-19 has claimed the lives of about 31,000 people in India.  The total number of positive cases is 12,41,655.  For the second day in a row, the single-day maximum recovery rate continues to rise sharply.  In the last 24 hours, the highest one-day recovery of Kavid-19 patients and slabs reached 29,557.
  Although the total number of recovery cases continued at 62,60,007, the recovery rate increased to 633.20%.  As a result of the increase in the number of healthy and discharged patients, the number of recovered cases and the total number of active cases rose to 356,440 on Thursday.
  The coalition government is working with a central team of experts in the field to coordinate with the states and union territories.  At present the mortality rate in India is 2.42% and it is still declining.  It also helps reduce the actual burden of coronavirus cases that it has limited to only 4,226,167 active patients, according to a statement from the Union Ministry of Health.
  Meanwhile, “Made in India” non-invasive ventilator has been developed by Manipal Hospital, Bangalore in association with Bangalore National Aerospace Laboratory (NAL) and Genomics and Integrated Council of Scientific and Industrial Research.  Biology (IGIB).
  Public health experts are working to improve the health infrastructure and medicines for Kovid-19 patients.  As the number of cases increases, we need to reform our health infrastructure or make major adjustments.  In the future, those who test positive may face more serious conditions now that many patients are being treated at home, says Arup Mitra, a professor of economics at the University of Delhi’s Department of Economics and a health economist.

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