Big news: Brain-eating amoeba found in water

Brain eating Amoeba in microscope
Brain eating Amoeba in microscope

Big news: Brain-eating amoeba found in water.  8 cities have been warned, advising people not to panic, advising doctors to drink purified drinking water while drinking water.

Microscopic images of Brain eating Amoeba
Microscopic images of Brain eating Amoeba-getty images

  A disaster declaration has been issued for locals in eight Texas cities, where brain-eating amoebae have been found in water supplied through taps.


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  The Texas Commission said in a guideline on environmental quality that the water supplied to families by BrazSport Water Supply contained Nilegria fowleri – a brain-eating amoeba.

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  “Work is underway to resolve this issue as soon as possible with the Texas Commission on Environmental Standards Brazosport Water Authority as directed by the Governor’s Office,” the consultation said.

  The affected cities are Jackson, Freeport, Angleton, Brazoria, Richwood, Wester Creek, Clut and Rosenberg, Texas and Freeport’s Dow Chemical Plant and Criminas and Wayne Scott Texas Department of Criminal Justice Amendment facilities.

 Is this brain eating amoeba cureable

  There is usually no cure for this amoeba,


  brain-eating amoeba locations

  Unhealthy waterlogged environments and poorly maintained pools and brain eating amoeba can be found in water parks.  More available in industrial units.  It is also likely to come from soil, warm lakes and rivers, according to the CDC.


 brain-eating amoeba cases found

  The presence of amoebae was noticed when a six-year-old child was hospitalized with amoebae symptoms.  The brain-eating amoeba was found by examining water samples from the “splash pad” of the water fountain in front of the CDC Jackson Civic Center and a hose in the boy’s home when the baby was admitted.

  These infections can be fatal.  According to the CDC, about 145 people were infected between 1962 and 2018, but only four survived.

Brain-eating amoeba infection. Computer illustration of Naegleria fowleri
Brain-eating amoeba infection. Computer illustration of Naegleria fowleri protozoans infecting the brain. This organism is an opportunistic pathogen of humans, causing meningoencephalitis (inflammation of the brain and its surrounding membranes) when inhaled, often by children swimming in fresh water. Headaches, vomiting, sensory disturbance and a fatal coma may occur-getty images

  A few areas have now been given the green signal.  Jackson Lake residents are still banned from using tap water.

  symptoms of brain eating amoeba


  Brain-eating amoeba locations.  In the case of brain-eating amoebae.  The brain is eating the amoeba water garden.  The brain that eats amoeba

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