Trump declared, we have won, as the memo tells us, but the White House instructed everyone to wear a mask.             

       (President Donald Trump speaks during a news conference in the Rose Garden on May 11, 2020.Brendan  )


  • Trump declared, we have won, as the memo tells us, but the White House instructed everyone to wear a mask.

“The great people of Pennsylvania now want their freedom and they are fully aware of what is involved,” he tweeted. “Democrats are moving slowly across the United States for political purposes. If they rely on them, they will wait until November 2. Don’t play politics. Stay safe, go fast!”

 Trump was scheduled to visit the state on Thursday, in consultation with the Federal Aviation Administration

Less than six months before the general election, the decision to reopen is being made, and Trump and other top officials are facing it amid a public health and economic crisis.

“If we do it carefully, working with governors, I don’t think there’s enough risk.” “In fact, I think there is a lot of risk if it doesn’t start again.

Manuchein was one of several economic advisers sent to the White House on Sunday to focus on efficiency reduction. Yet focusing on the potential risk of infection proved how the virus even entered the White House.

The Fawcett Institute said it was taking “appropriate precautions” to reduce the risk to others while on duty, talking on the telephone from home but going to the White House if called upon. Both Redfield and Han will be on their own for two weeks, officials said.



Trump declared, we have won, Instructed every white houseian wear mask


Pence’s press secretary Katie Miller tested positive for the coronavirus on Friday and said she was known to be positive for the virus working in the White House complex in her second week. A member of the military who served in the presidential valet on Thursday tested positive, the first known example of Trump’s closeness to the White House.

With this warning, it is not possible for a president to hold a face-to-face meeting at a White House meeting or in his public office.

Trump declared, we have won, as the memo tells us, but the White House instructed everyone to wear a mask.

       Kevin Hasett, Trump’s adviser and former chairman of the Economic Advisory Council, acknowledged the difficulties Sunday.

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