West Bengal Assembly Election 2020BJP “NABANNA ABHIJAN” Today at 12 p.m Live and Exclusive

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BJP's Nabanna Abhiyan
BJP’s Nabanna Abhiyan

Kolkata: BJP’s Nabanna Abhiyan program today.  Campaign will come with 4 places, preparation of procession from four sides of Kolkata and Howrah.  Huge police force is preparing to stop the procession at different points.


On the other hand, the state government has decided to keep Nabanna closed for sanitation today and tomorrow.  However, the preparation of the program on behalf of the BJP is final.

 The procession will proceed towards Nabanna from four points in total.  The main procession will start from the state BJP headquarters.  BJP state president Dilip Ghosh will lead.

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 Another procession from Hastings will be led by Mukul Roy and Kailash Vijayavargiya.

  The third procession will proceed towards Nabanna from Santragachhi bus stand in Howrah.  Led by state BJP co-president Raju Bandyopadhyay and general secretary Sayantan Basu.

 The fourth procession from Howrah Maidan will be led by BJP MP Soumitra Khan and BJP Youth Morcha All India President Tejaswi Surya.

 All processions are scheduled to begin at 12 noon.  The first preparatory procession will start from the state BJP headquarters.  Central Avenue,

 The procession will cross the Howrah Bridge via Mahatma Gandhi Road and reach Navanna through Fourshore Road.

 However, police sources claimed that the police planned to stop the procession in Barabazar before climbing the Howrah Bridge.  If the procession crosses the Howrah Bridge, there will be barricades on Fourshore Road to prevent it on the other side.

 The second procession is to cross the Vidyasagar Bridge from Hastings to Navanne via Police Training School.  In order to prevent the BJP rally, Vidyasagar setumukhi from Hastings street barricades in the face of all the bridge, police said.

 The third procession of the BJP will start from the Santragachhi bus stand in Howrah.  Then it is decided to take the Kona Expressway and reach Navanne.

 Howrah police sources claimed that the procession would be stopped by barricading the entrance to the Santragachhi Bridge.  Guardrail’s arrangements were made on Wednesday to build a three-tiered barricade.

 The route of BJP’s fourth procession is Howrah Maidan.  From there the procession is supposed to reach Nabanne via Howrah Bangabasi Junction, GT Road, Howrah Police Line, Kazipara Junction.

 Howrah police sources claimed that the procession would be stopped near Bangabasi junction.  Iron barricades have been placed.  Ready RAF, Combat Force.  Water cannon will be used if necessary.

 All in all, before the Assembly elections in West Bengal, there is a lot of tension surrounding the BJP’s new campaign.

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