Ankhi Das, the head of Facebook’s Public  policy India, has resigned from Facebook

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Ankhi  Das Facebook India Public Policy Head Resigned From Facebook
Ankhi  Das Facebook India Public Policy Head Resigned From Facebook- Photo Credit

 NEW DELHI: Ankhi Das, the head of Facebook’s controversial India policy, has resigned from the Facebook for opposing the blocking of right-wing hate speech.

  “Ankhi is interested in public service and has decided to step down from its position on Facebook.” Ankhi was a first-time employee of us in India for many days and has been instrumental in the growth of the company and its services for the past 9 years, “said  Ajit Mohan, Managing Director of Facebook.  -Informed this statement via mail.

  Das was accused of opposing the hateful post against the BJP and other right-wing leaders.  He was also accused of posting BJP-backed messages on a Facebook group of employees for several years.

  The resignation came about two and a half months after the allegations surfaced against Facebook.


 Facebook has been asked by more than 40 human rights and internet watchdogs to keep Das on leave until the ongoing monitoring of his India activities is completed.

   Ankhi Das joined Facebook in 2011.

  According to him: “He has been a part of my leadership team for the last 2 years, a role he has contributed immensely. We are grateful for his service and wish him all the best for the future.”

  Das said at the time of his departure that he had decided to resign from Facebook “for my personal interest in public service.”

  “When I joined Facebook in 2011, the development of the Internet in the country was incredibly low and I often wondered how to tackle the social and economic issues. We were a small listed startup that was committed to connecting our mission and the people of India.  After nine long years, I feel that the mission has been fulfilled in most cases, “he said.

 Facebook did not link his departure to his controversial stand, but said Tuesday was his last day at the company.

  “I decided to resign from Facebook after a long service to connect with the public and build community,” he said in his farewell message.

  He thanked Mark Zuckerberg for creating “something beautiful for the world”.

  “It’s a special organization and a special group of people,” he writes.  “I hope I have served you and the company well.”

  “I know we’ll communicate on Facebook,” he added.

 A report in the Wall Street Journal on August 15 alleged that Ankhi Das had obstructed action against leaders associated with the BJP and other Hindutva groups, sparking controversy around him.

  A day before the BJP’s victory in the 2014 parliamentary elections, Das wrote: “We have set fire to his social media campaign and the rest is history.”

  He further wrote that Modi was the ‘strongman’ who broke up the former ruling party.  In another post about the Congress, he wrote, “It took the Congress thirty years to finally liberate India from state socialism.”

  The Wall Street Journal further reported that Ankhi Das trained the BJP to promote social media for the 2012 Assembly elections.  After the training, he wrote: ‘Success in our Gujarat campaign’.

  The report further states: “When a colleague in response to an internal post mentioned that the BJP’s primary rival, the Indian National Congress, followed Mr Modi on Facebook more than Mr Modi’s personal page, MS Das responded:” My reduction compared to INC.  Ah aha – don’t look at my bias !!!

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