Live update on Punjab farmers’ protests: Clashes erupt as farmers try to break barricades on Delhi-Haryana border

By giving flags and slogans, thousands of farmers took a firm stand as part of the 'Dilehi Cholo' march against the new farm law
 By giving flags and slogans, thousands of farmers took a firm stand as part of the ‘Dilehi Cholo‘ march against the new farm law

  By giving flags and slogans, thousands of farmers took a firm stand as part of the ‘Dilehi Cholo‘ march against the new farm law.  Gathered at various entrances to the national capital.  Police used tear gas to disperse the crowd even after allowing farmers to enter.

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By giving flags and slogans, thousands of farmers took a firm stand as part of the 'Dilehi Cholo' march


  Live update on farmers’ protests: Clashes erupt as farmers break barricades on Delhi-Haryana border


Indian police have clashed with thousands of farmers as they headed to capital New Delhi in a protest against new procurement laws

— TRT World Now (@TRTWorldNow) November 27, 2020

  15:13 (IST) 27 November

  Haryana police have filed a case against Bhuwani for pushing a tractor-trolley from behind, causing the death of a protesting farmer in Delhi, ANI police were quoted as saying.

  “Two more people were injured in the incident,” police said.

farmers break barricades on Delhi-Haryana border

  15:06 (IST) 27 November

  The Center is always ready for dialogue, dialogue will bring solutions: to the hardworking farmers

  14:53 (IST) November 27

  After discussions with the farmers ‘leaders, the Delhi Police allowed the farmers‘ organization to protest peacefully at the old gathering place of the farmers.  We are appealing to the common people to keep their peace so that no harm happens to them.

  Delhi Police PRO Aish Singhal (ANI)


  14:48 (IST) 27 November

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Delhi-Haryana Border | With police in front of them, a section of marching farmers now resort to a “sit-in” protest. The farmers reiterate that they want the march to conclude in a peaceful manner. @newsclickin #FarmersProtest #DilliChalo

— Ronak Chhabra (@chhabra_ronak) November 27, 2020

  14:47 (IST) 27 November


  I welcome the Centre’s decision to allow farmers to enter Delhi for their right to protest, a democratic right.  They, too, should now start discussions immediately to address farmers’ concerns about farm law and to address significant issues.

  Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh (ANI)


  14:43 (IST) 27 November

  The Delhi Police Commissioner has called on the farmers to maintain discipline and protest peacefully.

  14:37 (IST) 27 November

  Protesting farmers have been allowed to enter the national capital.  They have been given permission to protest at the Nirankari Samagam ground in Burari area.

  Delhi Police Commissioner (ANI)

  14:29 (IST) 27 November

  Farmers in the Burari area of ​​North Delhi were allowed to gather in the Nirankari field.

  14:28 (IST) 27 November

  Delhi-Haryana Singh throws stones at border, police use tear gas to disperse protesters, PTI reports

  14:15 (IST) November 27

  Farmers were allowed to enter Delhi, and police were deployed along with protesters.

  14:00 (IST) 27 November

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  Farmers Protest Punjab Live Update


  13:49 (IST) 27 November

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  Posting a video on Twitter of the use of water cannons on farmers’ protesters, Priyanka Gandhi stated, “To suppress the voices of farmers – water was rained on them. Roads are being dug to stop them.”  “But the government is not ready to show or tell them where the MSP is written as a legal right,” he said in a tweet in Hindi.  Speaking to Uttar Pradesh, the Congress general secretary said that the prime minister, who is concerned about ‘one nation, one election’, should also implement “one nation, one behavi

Delhi CM @ArvindKejriwal during a Protest in October

We support Farmers and their demands!!#FarmersProtest #DilliChalo

— DaaruBaaz Mehta (@DaaruBaazMehta) November 27, 2020

  13:15 (IST) 27 November

  The Delhi government has rejected a request by the Delhi Police to convert nine stadiums into temporary jails in the wake of farmers’ protests, ANI reported.

  12:48 (IST) 27 November

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  12:26 (IST) 27 November

  Punjab Chief Minister Capt Amarinder Singh has agreed to hold immediate talks with the Krishan unions to reduce tensions on the Delhi border.  Urges Center to hold talks: Chief Minister’s Office (ANI)

  12:08 (IST) 27 November

  Haryana: Groups of farmers started marching towards Delhi while protesting and chanting slogans on the main highway of Sirsa.

  11:40 (IST) 27 November

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  Farmers Protest Punjab Live Update


  11:32 (IST) 27 November

  Tear gas was used at the Haryana-Delhi border to prevent farmers from protesting in Delhi, ANI reported.


  11:15 (IST) 27 November

  Entry to Delhi Metro station on Green Line, exit gate closed, PTI reports

  10:59 (IST) 27 November

  Farmers were seen clashing with security forces as they tried to march towards Delhi as part of their protest march against the Agriculture Act, ANI reported.

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