The Prime Minister will take part in the Opening ceremony on December 10 to lay the foundation stone of the new parliament building of India

Graphical image of the new parliament building - courtesy of ANI
Graphical image of the new parliament building – courtesy  ANI

  The Prime Minister will take part in the land worship at the new parliament building  of India  December 10

  Prime Minister Narendra Modi will attend the opening ceremony of the new parliament building on December 10, Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla said on Saturday.  The Speaker further announced that the new building will be commissioned by 15 August 2021.


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  Speaker Om Birla said that the ground breaking ceremony of the new parliament building will be held on December 10 at 1 pm.  He also said that he would inaugurate the event with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ‘Bhumi Pujan’.

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  The new building will be constructed near the existing building under the Central Vista Renovation Project.

    Construction is expected to be completed within 21 months.  The Central Vista Reconstruction Project will be the size of a new parliament building with a triangular building, a joint central secretariat and a three-kilometer highway from the Presidential Palace to the India Gate.

  The Speaker of the Lok Sabha further announced that on the 75th anniversary of India’s independence, we will begin a two-chamber session in the new Parliament House.

Details about New Parligament House in India

Speaking on the features of the building, Speaker Birla said, “The new building will have about 888 seats for Lok Sabha members and more than 326 seats for Rajya Sabha members. The Lok Sabha Hall will have a total of 1224 members.”

  The speaker said in his speech that the new building would be a “self-reliant India temple” that would reflect the diversity of the nation.

  “It will be 17,000 sq m larger than the old parliament building. It will cost Rs 971 crore to build an area of ​​64,500 sq m,” he said.

  The new parliament building is earthquake resistant and about 2,000 people will be directly involved in the construction work and 9,000 people have indirectly contributed to it.

  A new office complex for all MPs in both the chambers is being constructed at Shram Shakti Bhavan.

  Om Birla further confirmed that the mega project has been handed over to Tata Projects Ltd. The new structure design has been prepared by HCP Design, Planning and Management Pvt. Ltd.

  The foundation stone of the existing parliament building was laid on 12 February 1921 and at that time it took six years to build and cost Rs 83 lakh.  The inaugural ceremony was held on 18 January 1927 under the supervision of the then Governor General of India, Lord Irwin.

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