PM Modi e address  to Bihar Public ,for  Win Electtion NDA Alliance

The final result of the Bihar election is on Tuesday.  Out of 243 seats, the NDA alliance has won 125 seats.  The grand alliance has 110 seats.  There was tension around this election from the very beginning.  The fight is going on like T20.  Although the last smile was the NDA alliance.  However, Nitish Kumar’s alliance in JDU.  The BJP has produced comparatively much better results.  On the other hand, the RJD has collided equally.
 Delhi has celebrated the victory around that victory.  On Wednesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed a message to party leaders and workers at the BJP headquarters.  Thousands of workers gathered in front of the BJP headquarters.  Top BJP leaders including Union Home Minister Amit Shah and Defense Minister Rajnath Singh have reached the headquarters.
 Modi says:
  •  The reason for BJP’s success is the sacrifice and austerity of the workers

  •   I call on the youth of the country to move forward with lotus hands to fulfill their goals.

  •  From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, the ‘Family Party’ is threatening the country’s democracy.

  •  I have been watching the silent voters in the news since that time.  The BJP has silent voters. 

  •  Time and again these silent voters are blessing the BJP.

  •   The people of Bihar are grateful for the confidence they have placed in the self-reliant Bihar.

  •  Bihar has won the trust.

  •  The way the people of Bihar responded, my answer is clear.

  •  This victory is the result of the steps taken by the government for rations and the poor during that time.

  •  The way India has fought against that corona has not been seen anywhere else.

  • Behind the success of BJP is the governance model of the party. 

  • Development is the key to winning the vote.
  •  Security of the country, education system, new system or peasant-worker: People’s confidence in BJP has increased.

  •   Bihar will get support if it works clearly.

  •  People have overcome the fear that the turnout will decrease in Corona.

  •   The election process is a source of pride for India.

  •  BJP is the only party which has spread people all over the country.

  •   In this election, huge number of people have supported BJP, NDA.

  •   It was very difficult to vote in this crisis of Corona.

  •   Voting in Bihar used to mean how many people died, but now it has changed.

  1.   Now there is news about the voting rate.

  •  Thank you for carrying on the tradition of democracy.

  •  Yesterday the whole country was watching the media.

  •  I am grateful to those people.

 What JP Nadda said:

  •   Development has won the Bihar elections.

  •  The people of Bihar have expressed support for the Prime Minister trying to build a self-reliant India.

  •   The countrymen have supported Modiji.

  •  Thank you all for winning the Bihar vote.

  •  This support is for the Prime Minister
  • This victory is not only the victory of Bihar, but the victory of the whole country

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