Mall authorities plan to supply reusable plastic bags to eight of Morrison’s branches to supply plastic bags from Monday.  If customers are satisfied they will be offered in all 494 branches.

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The supermarket chain Morrisons is starting trials which could see it ditch all its plastic bags for life.
The supermarket chain Morrisons is starting trials which could see it ditch all its plastic bags for life.

UK   –  According to Morrison, a paper bag can carry up to 16 kg of luggage and 13 bottles of wine just like a plastic bag.

  All the top supermarkets have started working together to reduce the use of plastic.

  According to Tesco, lifetime bags are made from 100% recycled plastic and completely recyclable After a successful test last year, they recently stopped using plastic bags for online grocery delivery.

  Sansbury gave the same details about his bag that he was trying to get a free supply of temporarily suspended luggage during the epidemic.

  Morrison says there is evidence of a lifetime use before starting.

  He said a lifetime of bag replacement would save 90 million plastic bags a year, the equivalent of 3,510 tons of plastic a year.


  David Potts, CEO of Morrison, said: “We believe that customers are willing to stop using plastic bags because they want to reduce the amount of plastic in their lives and protect the environment.

  “We know that many of them have reusable bag stocks. If they forget, we have a paper bag that is a tough, convenient and reusable option.”

  UK supermarkets began charging plastic bags in 2015 when the government imposed a 5p fee to reduce the use of single-use bags.

  Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have their own plans to reduce the use of plastic bags.

  The Department of the Environment estimates that .6.6 billion bags have been distributed in the UK by 2014, about 140 per person per year.

  This number has since dropped to 70%.

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