About 100 million Americans have already voted in the ballot by Tuesday, the day of the election in the United States.

Biden and Trump in the US election with each other in a fierce battle
Biden and Trump in the US election with each other in a fierce battle

 Nearly 100 million Americans have already voted on the ballot by Tuesday, the end of election day in the United States

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Republican President Donald Trump doesn’t want to underestimate the leadership of Democratic rival Joe Biden in a poll to win another four years at the White House.  Around 8 pm (EST).  Stay tuned to LNWH for live updates.

  10:23 PM (IST), 3 November

  The Court of Appeals in Houston has rejected the petition regarding the ban on voting



  A panel of federal appeals court judges in Houston rejected an eleven-hour Republican attempt to ban the run-up to election day.  The 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Justice in New Orleans ruled in favor of the appeal in a one-sentence verdict issued late Monday night.  The court was not told not to cancel votes already cast on drive-through sites in the Houston area.  The request comes in a lawsuit filed by conservative Texas leaders who commented on extended vote access in Harris County, where 1.4 million primary votes have already fallen on record.  The county is the country’s third-most populous and one of the most important centers in Texas, where New Donald Trump and Joe Biden went down in a fierce battle for the closest election in America’s largest red state for hours on Tuesday.

  09:55 PM (IST), 3 November

  Melania Trump cast her vote at the Florida resort

  09:48 PM (IST), 3 November

  ‘Vote and go home’: Concerned voters appealed on election day

  09:42 PM (IST), 3 November

  Trump: ‘Don’t play games, declare victory’: Trump

 On Tuesday, US President Donald Trump said he was trying to clarify his ambiguous position during the chaotic election.  Only then will he win the survey and win.  “You know, there’s no reason to play games,” he said.  But he insisted, “I think we will win. You know, I see this as a strong chance to win.”  Trump is ahead of Democratic rival Joe Biden by 7.2 percent, according to the latest poll by RealClearPolitics.

  09:29 PM (IST), 3 November

  Trump, Biden are confident of a big win

  U.S. President Donald Trump and his Democratic challenger Joe Biden are confident of a big victory in Tuesday’s presidential election.  Because a huge number of Americans have voted for them to determine the fate of the two leaders in the most significant democratic election in the world.  Trump predicted that a red wave would re-elect him to the White House, while his Democratic challenger Biden is confident of a “big win.”

  09:11 PM (IST), 3 November

  Joe Biden walks through the crowd outside his childhood hometown of Scranton, Pennsylvania on election day

  09:02 PM (IST), 3 November

  Orange swells

  Frustrated at the polar position and frustrated by the prospect of being the first U.S. female vice president, many – the first black woman, the first in Caribbean and Indian tradition, California, historically the first black college among other unprecedented features.

  09:01 PM (IST), 3 November

  Americans are not just voting to elect the next president

  U.S. voters go to the polls to elect their president, vice president, members of the Senate and House of Representatives, and state governors.

 08:26 PM (IST), 3 November

  The U.S. Homeland Security chief says no evidence has influenced the ‘foreign actor’ vote.

  “We have no indication that this foreign actor has managed to compromise or change any vote in this election,” Chad Wolf told a news conference online.  Although the U.S. government and private cybersecurity agencies have recently rationalized spying efforts for actors related to the U.S. election of actors from Russia, China and Iran, nothing has yet been implemented on the 2016 scale.

  08:04 PM (IST), November 3

  When will we know the election results?

  Traditionally, news agencies have expected winners on a partial basis.  This year, a big question is floating around.  Is there any doubt about the adequacy of their votes on the night of the election of sufficient states on that reasonable assumption?  And we can’t immediately say which of these depends on the states.  No candidate has actually reached the Electoral College’s target of 270 votes to win the presidency.

  07:44 PM (IST), 3 November

  Long lines outside polling stations as Americans go to the polls.

  Voting time varies from state to state, mainly due to different time zones.  Most of the state polling stations open around 6am (4.30pm) and crowds can be seen at polling stations in most of the east coast.  These states include Virginia, New York, New Jersey and Maine.  Voting in California begins at 7 a.m. (8.30 p.m. IST).  Preliminary reports indicate large voters early on.  In Pennsylvania’s Battlefield State, hundreds of people were seen voting outside polling booths before voting began.

  07:32 PM (IST), 3 November

  Biden will jump to Wall Street to win the bet, the excitement is optimistic

  In less than five weeks last week, the S&P 500 and Nasdaq started in November on a strong move.  Democratic presidential nominee Biden’s consistent leadership in the national opinion polls is expected to win a larger impetus.  Infrastructure spending has raised hopes for the next post-election.  Democrats are also hoping to win part of the 14-race U.S. Senate race with full control of Congress in Tuesday’s election.  Final results of at least 5 of these elections will not be available for some days and in some cases, may take months.

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