Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy: From Nobel Peace Prize To War Grinding when Organized cruel internal conflict


Abiy Ahmed
Abiy Ahmed

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed took office and promised him radical reforms that would be worth the Nobel Peace Prize before leaving became embroiled in a cruel internal conflict. 


Now, as Ethiopia prepares to vote in Monday’s general election, which Abiy hopes will secure her a public mandate, she finds her global position – and the glimmer of hope that accompanied her appointment – significant in some areas of basic voting prep handicapped, Abiy seems imperturbable.

 The light bulb logo of his prosperity party adorns the streets of the capital Addis Ababa on banners, and Abiy insists on his vision of the second largest country in Africa.

 In a speech in April, he told his supporters in his characteristic vernacular that although Ethiopia seems to be divided by crises, the real problem was

He compared the experience of the country with that of a village child who was disoriented from driving for the first time Times. “When the car goes forward, the buildings and trees rise back and we get confused,” he said. likewise, we are now confused because we think that the tree, not the car, is moving. “Believe it or not, Ethiopia and Ethiopia are thriving again.

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