Nigeria armed men was attacked in a School Hundreds of school girls were abducted by them. 


Attack in a School in Northen Nigeria by gunmen- Pic Courtesy /The Guardian
Attack in a School in Northen Nigeria by gunmen- Pic Courtesy /The Guardian

  A school in northern Nigeria was attacked by gunmen on Friday morning.  Hundreds of girls are reported missing later, residents said.  The incident at the school in Jangabeh, a state-run secondary school in Zamfara State, marks the latest in a series of mass abductions in northern Nigeria. Abdullahi told the Associated Press that school records show that 300 girls are missing.  Among them are women aged 10 and 13.


  Resident Musa Mostafa said the gunmen stormed a nearby military camp and outpost, disrupting troops, and the gunmen remained at the school for several hours.  It was not immediately clear if there were any casualties.


  Several large groups in the state of Zamfara have been linked to armed groups and have been branded as bandits by the government.  They are believed to have been kidnapped for money and to free their members from prison.


  Peter Hawkins, UNICEF Representative in the country, said, “We are outraged and saddened by another brutal attack on Nigerian schoolgirls.”


  “It is an extreme violation of children’s rights and a horrific experience for children.”  He called for their immediate release of the abducted women.


  The West African country has witnessed a number of such attacks and abductions over the years, most notably the April 2014 mass abductions.  The Boko Haram jihadist group of 276 students at a secondary school in Chibok, Borno State.


  Hundreds of girls are still missing.  More than two weeks after Friday’s attack, gunmen abducted 42 people, including 27 students, from the Government Science College paper in Niger State.  Students, teachers and family members are still concerned.  

In December, 344 students were abducted from Kankara State Science Secondary School in Kankara.  They were eventually released.  Referring to the recent abduction, Human Rights Watch Nigerian researcher Aniti Young tweeted that “strict action needs to be taken by the authorities to turn the tide and keep schools safe.”

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