Large-scale disruption OTP SMS received  , related bank and e – Comerce Site due to implimentation new Second Phase of SMS Regulation by Telecome Otharity of India


OTP ,SMS Service Problem Bank and E-commerce Industry due to TRAI SMS Regulation implimentation second Phase
OTP ,SMS Service Problem Bank and E-commerce Industry due to TRAI SMS Regulation implimentation second Phase

 Today’s large-scale disruption of SMS received services results in consumers receiving important OTP SMS from services such as banks or e-commerce platforms in a pleasing manner. These problems affect services in the industry, be it OTP for registration in the CoWIN application for vaccinations or for debit card transactions. The problem also persists for the OTP sent for two-factor authentication to log into the account. Industry experts say the problem is caused by new SMS regulations aimed at fighting SMS fraud, but that it appears to be causing similar problems as well.

According to experts, operators have started implementing a new DLT (Distributed Book Technology) process, which in turn affects push notifications.

DLT is a blockchain-based registration system, and the telecom authority TRAI requires remote marketing companies to be registered on the DLT platform. This platform is designed to protect people from SMS spam from telemarketing.

But implementing this process is clearly far from smooth as many people have faced this issue and turned to the Twitter microblog website to write about it. It is currently unknown what he will do after leaving the post.

Telecommunication operators have implemented a scrubbing process towards TRAI India. Cleaning is a process where each SMS is checked against a listed template before it can be sent. However, its implementation raises several problems.

However, this issue does not affect all users and is not carrier specific. But no bank or telecom customer has made an official statement on the matter.

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