West Bengal Election 2021 


Complaints against Trinamool activists in Nandigram for obstructing voting.


Vote High Voltage in Nandigram Detailed news in this vote

  •  Mystery death of BJP worker in Nandigram
  •  Complaints against Trinamool activists in Nandigram for obstructing voting.
  •  There is no opposition polling agent in the moyna.
  •  Accused arrested a year ago for a crime.
  •  Ghatale obstructs voters from voting, accused Trinamool.
[ Trinomul Leader Mamata Banerjee left Rewapara’s house.  Boal will visit Nandigram and visit the booth]
[Those who were complaining could not cast their votes, incidentally none of them had a voter card.Nandigram ,Boyal]

  • West Bengal election– Obstruction to vote .ignited the fire road block by the BJP. United Front also protest
  •  Trinamool has leveled allegations against Debra Parthi Bharti Ghosh at the booth.
  •  BJP candidate Hiron entered the polling booth with the party symbol while casting his vote. Another actress Parthi Bankura’s Sayantika Banerjee has been accused of distributing money to voters.
  •  BJP worker’s car vandalized in Keshpur.

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