In the third missile attack US in Iraq  of its kind in three days, Ayn al Asad air base


Third missile attack in Iraq
Third missile attack in Iraq- Arab News



 In the third attack of its kind in three days and while a US government delegation was visiting the country, the two missiles fell on an unoccupied segment of the Ayn al Asad air base, “causing no damage or loss” to the army.

  • The two Rocket hit on an unoccupied part of the Ain-Assad air base, where Americans are stationed. 

  • Washington routinely blames Iranian-affiliated Iraqi factions for such attacks on its troops and diplomats, Americans.

 The missile attack follows one against an air base at Baghdad airport, where US-led coalition forces are stationed on Sunday evening, and another against the Balad air base, where American contractors are stationed north of the capital on Monday evening.

 But Washington routinely blames Iranian-affiliated Iraqi factions for such attacks on its troops and diplomats. Pro-Iranian Iraqi groups have vowed to step up attacks in recent months to drive out the US “occupation forces”,

 sometimes against Tehran’s will, according to some experts speaking to pro-Iranian factions with Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhemi felt too close In Washington on Tuesday he discussed the presence of 2,500 US troops in Iraq with US envoy Brett McGurk. 

They know each other well: Kadhemi worked closely with McGurk in his role as intelligence chief, a position he still holds today, when he was a representative of the US-led coalition. 

The military coalition was formed to fight Daesh, who took control of a third of Iraq in a blitzkrieg in 2014.

Iraq declared victory against the extremists in late 2017, and pressure from Shiite public opinion on the United States to withdraw all of its troops has increased in the years that have followed.

 Kadhemi and McGurk are working on a timetable for the “withdrawal of forces from Iraq,” according to a statement from the Prime Minister’s Office.

 Since President Joe Biden took office in January, around 30 rocket or bombing attacks have targeted US interests in Iraq, including Iraqi troops, embassies or convoys supplying foreign forces.

 An Iraqi contractor and eight Iraqi civilians were killed in the attacks. Last month, an explosives-laden drone crashed into Iraq’s Irbil airport when such a weapon was first used against a base used by Iraqi forces.

 US-led coalition in the country. According to official figures, dozen other attacks have taken place in Iraq since autumn 2019 while Biden’s predecessor Donald Trump was in charge. 

And shadow groups that experts say are smoke screens for Iran-backed organizations with a longstanding presence in Iraq. Curbing Iran’s nuclear program in exchange for sanction relief has been life sustaining since Trump’s withdrawal in 2018

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