President Ram Nath Kobind |On the eve of the Republic Day of India, the purpose of the nation, Corona, and the peasant movement, above all, the purpose of the country’s security, gave a remarkable speech.

President Ramnath Kovind Speech ,On the eve of Indian Republic Day 2021
President Ramnath Kovind Speech ,On the eve of Indian Republic Day 2021

  Key Highlights

  •  ‌ Reforms may be misunderstood at the beginning but government is committed to farmers’ welfare: President Kobind in Republic Day speech

  •  ‌ Our peasants, soldiers and scientists especially deserve praise and the grateful nation wishes them a happy Republic Day: President Kobind

  •  The President said that Indian forces would thwart any attempt to increase the security of the country;  The national interest will be protected at any cost

  New Delhi: President Ram Nath Kobind on Monday addressed the nation on the eve of the 72nd Republic Day.  He lauded the heroic sacrifices of the Indian forces, saying the country had “faced” an expansionist move on its border, but the heroic troops had thwarted it.


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  “Last year was a time of adversity, and it comes from many fronts. We faced an expansionist move on our border, but our heroic troops thwarted it. Achieving this goal cost them 20 lives. The nation will be grateful to the brave soldiers.”  Stay, ”he said.

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  “While reiterating India’s commitment to peace, President Kobind noted that Indian forces are capable of thwarting any attempt to undermine the country’s security and that the national interest will be protected at all costs.”

 “Even as we reaffirm our commitment to peace, our defense forces – the Army, the Air Force and the Navy – are ready to work together to thwart any attempt to undermine our security. Our national interests will be protected at all costs,” he said.

 In his speech on the farmers’ protest, President Kobind mentioned that India is committed to the welfare of our farmers.  Who have given us huge supplies and made the populous country self-sufficient in food grains and dairy products.

 “Every Indian salutes our farmers who have made our vast and populous country self-sufficient in food grains and dairy products. Despite the adversity of nature, numerous challenges and the Covid-19 epidemic, our farmers have survived in agriculture,” the President said.  .



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 He also stressed that economic reform would be accelerated and complemented by long-term reforms in labor and agriculture through legislation.  “The path of reform at an early stage may create misconceptions. But it is beyond doubt that the government alone is dedicated to the welfare of the farmers,” he said.

  The President called on the people to take the covid vaccine.

  Speaking about the nationwide coronavirus vaccination campaign, President Kobind urged the people to get the covid vaccine.  He said the administration and healthcare are working hard to make the exercise a success.

 “I urge the people to use this lifeline and get vaccinated as per the guidelines. Your health has paved the way for your progress,” the President said.


  As India celebrates its 72nd Republic Day, the annual parade on Delhi’s iconic highway amid the Covid-19 epidemic will be different than the previous year.  The number of people on the highway has also been reduced – the official boulevard will seat 25,000 people instead of 1.15 million.


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