Horrible pictures in and around Hamirpur in Uttar Pradesh.


Dozens of bodies floating in the waters of the Jamuna
Dozens of bodies floating in the waters of the Jamuna

 Dozens of bodies floating in the waters of the Jamuna! As the news spread, the villagers of Hamirpur in Uttar Pradesh panicked. They feared that the bodies of the Corona victims had been dumped in the Jamuna without being buried. Where did so many corpses come from? The administration also has no clear answer.

 It is learned that on Sunday morning, residents of different villages of Hamirpur saw several bodies floating in the water of Jamuna. Then the panic spread. According to the locals, the rate of corona infection is very high in the surrounding areas including Harimpur. The death toll from corona is so high that people are struggling to make arrangements for cremation. In this situation bodies are being cremated in the empty field.

 Many are floating their bodies in the Jamuna without burying them. Many have again complained to the local administration about the incident. They claim that people of some villages are burning their bodies in the empty field without burning them in the crematorium. Silent administration despite seeing everything. The administration has no account of how many bodies are being burnt.

 In this regard, Hamirpur Assistant Superintendent of Police Anup Kumar Singh said that there is a river Jamuna along the border of Kanpur and Hamirpur. It is an old custom of the surrounding villages to float dead bodies in this river. Occasionally one or two bodies are seen floating in the river.

 However, the way the pile of corpses has started to accumulate in Atimari shows how high the death rate is. He further said that the common people are floating the dead bodies in the river without burning them due to panic. What is the role of the administration to stop such incidents? According to sources, there is no clear answer from the administration in this regard.

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