The MHA issued this notification for immediate implementation of the order under the rules made under the Citizenship Act (CAA)1955 and 2009.


MHA of India issued notification for Citizenship Act (CAA)
MHA of India issued notification for Citizenship Act (CAA)


Key highlights

  • The terms of the new CAA are not policy ready
  •   A description of that running chapter under the old rules
  •    There are countless Bengali Indian citizens without CAA


    The Home Ministry has published a gazette notification following the discussion of the Civil Amendment Bill (CAA).


    On May 26, 201, it was revealed that any citizen refugees from Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan would apply for Indian citizenship.


  The Gazette applies for citizenship of citizens living in 13 districts of Gujarat, Rajasthan, Sashtisgarh, Haryana and Punjab, such as Sikhs, Jains and Buddhists.


  Citizens of India other than CAA

  Observing the formulas does not prepare rules under the new CAA.  The CAA laws are that the Modi government has introduced people from Neptune, Pakistan, Sylhet, Buddhist, Jain, Persian and Christian communities to acquire Indian citizenship.


 But this rule is not yet prepared.

  Yes notification has been published under the first departure rules for citizens.  MHA Citizen Study Yes, the study is continuing for the periodical enforcement of orders under the Law Enforcement Rules between 1955 and 2009.

  What happened to CAA is public


  Note that when the Narendra Modi government became the item country of the CAA.  Muslim organizations, non-governmental organizations and opposition partners in India made their decisions while giving a participatory explanation to these lawbreakers.


  Countries facing this problem began to show up.  Protests have been going on for a long time in Delhi’s Shaheen Bagan.


  The right to citizenship


  Released notifications from the MHA talks have been applied for Indian nationals Fighter qualifications are available in Morbi, Rajkot, Paton and Vodadra in Gujarat.  

More over, the refugees are staying in the sixty forts and Jordabazar.  It also includes people in Jalaur, Udaipur, Pali, Badmar and Sirohi in Rajasthan.  Let the deer stay in Faridabad and Jalandhar in Punjab for some people

  The Civil Code is 1955

  The MHA notification states that the action taken by the citizens under Section 5, dated November 16, 1955, was taken under Section (5) of the Central Government Act adopted by 1 under-millimeter centenarians.

  In the states and districts it covers, people from the languages ​​of Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan, as well as Sikh, Buddhist, Jain, Parisi and Christian minorities, have applied for registration as American citizens.

  Home Ministry of India has published.


  Information regarding gadget notifications on CAA can apply online for Punjabiization as a citizen of India so that the District Collector or the only Haryana and Punjab Home Secretary can apply for a hijab test.


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