West Bengal Assembly Election 2021 , Vote under Covid-19 threat, Calcutta high court slams Election commission ALB



The High court strongly criticized the Election commission
The High court strongly criticized the Election commission


The voting of Bengal is going on in Covid-19 atmosphere

 In this situation, a petition was filed in the Calcutta High Court to stop the campaign

 The court strongly criticized the commission

 What exactly did the High Court say about the failure of the commission

 The Calcutta High Court on Thursday criticized the Election Commission.  On the one hand, while the sixth round of voting was going on, on the other hand, a case was filed in the Calcutta High Court to stop the election campaign in a cowardly situation.  There were several lawsuits in this regard.  All are heard together.  And after observing that case, the court expressed extreme dissatisfaction with the work of the commission.

 The court said that the verdict in the case will not be announced on this day as there are no representatives of any political party.  Instead, the court gave an observation on the day.

 During the observation, covid expressed extreme dissatisfaction with the commission’s role in conducting the polls.  The court said the commission has the highest power at the moment.  But, they are not exercising all of that power.

 The commission is practically removing the responsibility with a notification.  They are leaving the rest in the hands of common people.  The court is seeking action, not a notification from the commission.

 On the same day, the court cited the example of former Election Commissioner TN Sessions.  The court said it doubted whether the current commission would be able to show even one-tenth of what Sessions did during his tenure.

  The police, the central forces – have all the power in the hands of the commission.  But, they are not using it.  They can enforce the notification they are issuing.  It is not the responsibility of the common man to implement that notification.  If the commission is in such a failed role, then the court will do what it can to save lives in the future, the court said.

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