Shootout at Newtown, gangster from Punjab ,STF shot dead by two miscreants


Newtown ,Kolkata ,Shootout by STF,two Gangstar killed
Newtown ,Kolkata ,Shootout by STF,two Gangstar killed

 A gangster from Punjab covered Sapurji’s residence.


 Own report: Shoot out at Newton.  Fighting with miscreants belongs to the state police SATF.  Two miscreants were reportedly killed in the shooting.

 According to sources, Sapurji’s residence is 


According to police sources, the STF of the state police recently arrested one person for smuggling arms from Birbhum. Weapons were entering the state from Bihar through Birbhum. After interrogating the miscreant, the STF investigators came to know that some members of the gang were hiding in the elite residence of Shapurji in Newtown. The STF raided the residence on Wednesday afternoon after ascertaining where the miscreants were hiding.

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