Peru, the city of Chota is on the verge of collapse under the weight of COVID-19


COVID-19, with daily cases and deaths ,Peru almost tripled its official death toll to more than 180,000 based on revised numbers
COVID-19, with daily cases and deaths ,Peru almost tripled its official death toll to more than 180,000 based on revised numbers

 Nestled among green hills in rural northern Peru, the city of Chota is on the verge of collapse under the weight of COVID-19 as the Andean nation battles the outbreak of the world’s deadliest virus.

 Nursing beds and medical resources. It is on Peru’s “extreme alarm” list along with a handful of other rural provinces, all of which are far from affluent urban centers. As developed countries, from the United States to Europe, are returning to normal with a rapid introduction of vaccines. 

Latin America is still under the tight grip of COVID-19, with daily cases and deaths in the region topping the world charts. This week, Peru almost tripled its official death toll to more than 180,000 based on revised numbers, making it the highest in the world. per capita worldwide and underscores the havoc the virus has wreaked on the resource-rich continent.

 Chota, a town of around 40,000 people in the Cajamarca region, is reached via partially unpaved roads that meander through lush hills. The next intensive care bed is a three-hour drive away. “This is the worst moment. Many people have died,” Daniel Idrogo, general secretary of the local government of Chota, told Reuters. 

“The hospital collapsed.Outside this hospital, desperate family members sought better care while family members waited inside. The chances of getting a ventilator were slim and there were no intensive care beds. 

Even the closest centers they have are 96 percent occupied, according to Open Covid Peru “I lived this in person because my sister died of COVID-19,” said Betty Campos Ochoa, who works in the small hospital in Chota , the only one in town. 

“Several colleagues have died and I had neighbors who The total number of deaths in Chota is not clear, but Feliciano Altamirano Guevara, a Catholic priest in the city, said they are being celebrated by half a dozen” crowds a day for the dead or Sick Peruvian provinces in the worst shape, underscoring the gap between those with access to hospital beds and equipment in large cities like Lima and much of the inland,

 where poverty has continued to skyrocket amid the pandemic, Little Favorite of the Sieg is a socialist candidate an outsider from a humble background as a teacher in the same northern region of Cajamarca.

The coronavirus crisis in Peru posed a challenge to the election winner with a stagnant vaccination campaign and social spending to alleviate poverty and improve health care for many voters. Peru’s weak and uneven health system has resulted in many patients dying without care to date , the main reason behind the sharp increase in the country’s death toll. 

“High-income countries recorded the majority of COVID-19 deaths in part because they have good access to testing,” said Mateo Prochazka, a Peruvian epidemiologist who helped guide the latest government review.

 Overall, it is estimated that more than one in 200 Peruvians has died of COVID-19, in many cases due to hospital collapse, as well as a critical shortage of ventilators and oxygen tanks, which led to a sudden rise in prices, and many Peruvian families are deeply in debt. ICU beds despite a population of over 1 million. 

Like Chota, seven other hospitals in Cajamarca have no beds in the intensive care unit, according to the regional health authorities. While all of Peru has suffered badly, Cajamarca only has a fifth of hospital beds. 

The capacity in relation to the total population of the country affects people like the mother of Enrique Peralta Linares, who was hospitalized at the Chota hospital on Sunday for COVID-19, according to the government and the World Health Organization. 

She needs a fan and an intensive care bed, but they don’t have access to both.”Doctors keep telling us that we need a ventilator, but there are no ventilators in Chota and that is a major concern for us,” said Peralta Linares outside the hospital. “There is no solution for us. 


 Peru and peoples like Chota reflect the wider crisis of the South American countries as well as the worrying fact that many deaths may not be counted fatalities worldwide; Argentina with around 80,000 dead and fighting The dangerous falling wave is not far away. The infections are spreading rapidly in Colombia and Bolivia, 

while the regional giant Brazil is heading for 470,000 deaths. Peru, which increased its death toll after its so-called excess deaths analysis, has the worst overall per capita mortality rate in the world, more than twice that of Brazil and many times higher than that of India, both of which are badly affected by the corona virus 

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