Biden faces unique constraints and obstacles due to COVID-19 and the January 6 uprising, Let’s see how the President handles that issue in the US Congress


Biden's speech on Congress Wednesday he will seek to build public support for his American employment plan
Biden’s speech on Congress Wednesday he will seek to build public support for his American employment plan


 Biden faces unique constraints and obstacles due to COVID-19 and the January 6 uprising, but is well positioned to strongly defend his plans.

 Joe Biden’s presidency months have been historic and unprecedented, so it is appropriate that Wednesday night’s address to a joint congressional session should be no different.

 Starting with President Ronald Reagan in 1981, these first-term presidents’ speeches usually took place in February. 


The logs surrounding COVID-19 and the successful passage of the United States Rescue Plan Act have postponed the speech until just before Biden’s 100-day mark on Friday.

On November 6, National Guard troops and fences will once again play a prominent role in this special national security event.

 COVID-19 tests or proof of vaccination are required for attendees, as is Biden’s keynote address.

 In those chamber speeches of the house, only about 200 people will receive invitations from congress leaders this time around, and some will even be forced to sit on the floor in the house gallery due to social distancing rules.

 Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley will represent the Supreme Court or the military, but Biden’s cabinet will be largely absent. For the Biden story, empty guest boxes are made while two women sit behind the president on the stage of the house.

 Vice President Kamala Harris and Vice President Kamala Harris. House spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi will have to wear masks throughout the speech to ensure the pandemic stays visually cool. 

The uniqueness of the Wednesday speech will severely limit the number of guests allowed. Members of Congress are prohibited from bringing people with them, and Biden’s official guest list is not released until shortly before the speech. 

Reagan became the first president to recognize a guest guest during his 1982 speech.

It featured local hero Lenny Skutnik rescuing a drowning woman from the frozen Potomac after a plane crash, and the response was so positive that all presidents have followed the tradition since then. President Donald Trump also recognized Carryn Owens in his 2017 speech.

 She is the widow of a Navy SEAL who was killed in a fight against terrorism in Yemen. Lady Jill Biden’s first guest box will be empty on Wednesday,

 as will the President’s traditional guest box. Vice President Joe Biden points to President Barack Obama during Obama. 2016 State of the Union Address. It is unclear whether these restrictions will cripple Biden’s important speech. In his inaugural address, he got along well without the large traditional audience in the National Mall. 

Despite unique conditions and obstacles, he is well positioned for another success this week. As Vice President, Biden sat right behind President Barack Obama as he made 10 speeches in a joint session of Congres. During his 36 years in the Senate, Biden sat in the Chamber Chamber for dozens of these speeches.

He was one of several Democratic senators who officially responded to Reagan’s speeches in 1983 and 1984. Ben’s speech at the Democratic National Convention, election victory remarks, and inaugural address were well received.

 To mark the first anniversary, he gave a prime-time speech on March 11th. After the COVID-19 pandemic and while he once referred to himself as a gaffe machine, Biden successfully navigated to his first official press conference as president on March 25, also later than normal.

 the needle on some average poll numbers and provide a much-needed agenda boost. Get the opinion newsletter in your inbox. What do you think? Shape your mind with a summary of the recordings of current events. 

While Biden’s time and the pressures he faces are rare, there are some useful historical parallels.

The 100-day milestone for the presidential administrations began with Franklin Delano Roosevelt in the early 1930s. 

The FDR began the modern practice of speaking speech in 1934, and in that speech it explained to Americans how its New Deal programs would “build the past on the ruins” and put the country on the right track out of the Great Depression and into the Future. 

In Biden’s speech on Congress Wednesday he will seek to build public support for his American employment plan and the American family plan.

 If it’s convincing enough and Congress approves it, a new FDR-like legacy could be for the 46th President Reagan’s 1981 speech was titled “Program for Economic Recovery.” President Bill Clinton unveiled his economic plan 

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