The catastrophic fire on the Delhi-Dehradun Shatabdi Express,


Dellhi - Dehradun express fire
Dellhi – Dehradun express fire

 A coach is burning.  A fire broke out on the Delhi-Dehradun Shatabdi Express. It is learned that a fire broke out in the C-5 compartment of the train.  It was initially reported that the fire was probably caused by a short circuit.  However, the whole matter will be investigated.  A high-level committee will also be formed to investigate.

 The train was coming from New Delhi to Dehradun on Saturday afternoon.  The Delhi-Dehradun train caught fire near Kansrao station in Uttarakhand on the same day.  According to railway sources, all the passengers of the coach have been safely disembarked.  The 35 people in this room have been moved to the other two rooms.  There were no immediate reports of injuries.

 All passengers are safe.  However, the whole room is glowing.  Railway police officials reached the spot.  According to the latest news, the situation is a bit normal now.  The fire was also brought under control.

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