The America is back as a cooperative leader of the free world under the president  Joe Biden, France Emmanuel Macron said on Saturday,


U.S. President Joe Biden and France’s President Emmanuel Macron shake hands as they attend a bilateral meeting during the G7 summit in Carbis Bay, Cornwall, Britain, June 12, 2021. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque

 Illustrating the relief of many key US allies that the turmoil over the presidency of Donald Trump is over. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who on Thursday praised Biden as a “great breath of fresh air”.  Neither Macron nor Johnson have drawn any explicit parallel between Biden and Trump, though both praised Biden’s clearly cooperative tone and officials said there was relief after Trump sometimes shocked and baffled many European allies. 

Biden, who was asked by a reporter if the United States was back, turned to Macron and with his Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses, gestured to the French President to answer that question. “Yes, definitely,” said Macron. It’s great to have a US President who is part of the club and is very cooperative.

 “What it shows is that leadership is partnership,” Macron told Biden as they sat on an outdoor deck with a panoramic view of the turquoise sea behind them

Biden agreed. “The United States, I’ve said it before, we’re back,” said Biden. “Things are going well, I think, and we are, as we say in the United States, we are in Biden, adding that the United States has felt very strongly the cohesion of the NATO military alliance and its support for the European Union – the target of much criticism of Trump during his 2017-2021 presidency. 

The European Union is an incredibly strong and dynamic entity that has a lot to do with Western Europe’s ability to deal not only with its economic problems, but also to provide the spinal cord and NATO support, “Biden said.

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