The center will provide free Covid vaccines to all adults starting June 21,  The center will take over the vaccination job from the state governments PM Modi


The center will take over the vaccination job from the state governments and will provide free Covid-19 vaccines to all adults

PM Modi The Prime Minister’s speech comes on a day when India recorded 100,636 new cases of Covid-19, the lowest in 61 days.

Free ration for 80 cr people under PM Garib Kalyan Yojana: Modi 

Prime Minister Narendra Modi also announced free ration for the poor under Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Anna Yojana till Diwali. ” As many as 80 crore people are beneficiaries under the scheme, he added. 

 The center will take over the vaccination job from the state governments and will provide free Covid-19 vaccines to all adults from the end of this month. “It was decided that starting June 21, all adults over the age of 18 would be vaccinated for free. PM Modi said in a televised address. PM Modi said the center will buy 75 percent of all vaccine production from manufacturers.

 It will also take responsibility.” for 25 percent of the state fee and give it to the state free of charge. ”This regulation will be implemented in the next two weeks. During these two weeks, the central government and the state governments will jointly make the necessary preparations according to the new guidelines, “said Prime Minister Modi.

 Until now, 18-year-olds will also come to her,” he added. The prime minister said private hospitals can still buy 25 percent of the vaccines, but their fee would be capped at 150 yen per dose.

Prime Minister Modi’s biggest pandemic speech to the nation as coronavirus disease (Covid-19) cases decline after a fatal surge in the past two months and several states eased tight restrictions.

 This is the biggest pandemic in a hundred years. and the modern world has neither seen nor experienced such a pandemic, he said. “Our country has fought together on many fronts during such a major global pandemic, from making ventilators to preparing a network of laboratories to build new war-based medical infrastructure during the pandemic that was the worst of the last century “Said Prime Minister in his speech. Prime Minister Modi said India had launched not one but two Made-in-India vaccines in a year to avoid any fears.

 The government supported the companies that made the Covid-19 vaccine in every possible way. “Our country and our scientists have shown that India does not lag behind the big countries. 

Today, when I speak to you, there have been more than 23 crore vacs in ineffective doses in the country,” he added Looking at the past 50-60 years, you will know that it took India decades to get the vaccine from abroad.Before vaccination work was completed abroad, even then vaccination work in our country could not start, “said PM Modi.

 Compared with today’s global demand for vaccines, the countries that manufacture it and the companies that manufacture the vaccine are great Imagine if we didn’t have a vaccine made in India now, what would have happened today in a country as big as India? “The Prime Minister’s speech is on a day when India has 100,636 new cases of Covid-19 recorded, its lowest level in 61 days. 

The nation was on April 20 as coronavirus disease cases were on the rise worldwide He said the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic hit India “like a storm” and called for the States to use the closings only as a “last resort” from a blockade.

If everyone is working together, creating awareness, then there is no need for containment, whether or not it is a lockdown. I appeal to states to use the lockdown as a last resort. Our focus should be on micro-containment zones. economic health as well as the health of compatriots, the prime minister had said. Our aim is to save lives. But the impact on economic activities and livelihoods should also be as small as possible.

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