The covid vaccine in India was allowed to be given to all private hospitals , the Center said


Covid Vaccine Indian Private Hospital,Central give Permission
Covid Vaccine Indian Private Hospital,Central give Permission

  #NEWDELHI: Private hospitals registered under the central government scheme have been allowed to administer covid-vaccine in India, the Union Health Ministry said on Tuesday.


  The Central States and Union Territories have been asked to work with 100% capacity of private hospitals operating as Covid Vaccination Centers (CVCs).


   Under the Health Scheme (AB-PMJAE), Central Government Health Scheme (CGHS) and State Health Insurance Schemes, vaccines are allowed to be administered as CVCs in private hospitals if there is a quantity, “Adequate space for vaccination monitoring, adequate cold chain for AAFI management.” The Ministry of Health said in a statement.

  “States / UTs can actively seek to use private hospitals as CVCs,” he said.


  The Ministry of Health reiterated that there is no shortage of covid vaccine in India and adequate doses of vaccine are being allocated to CVCs.


  “State / UTs should not stockpile or create buffer stocks of covid vaccines at the state and district level.

  So far, more than 1.54 crore Covid-19 vaccine doses have been given in India.

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