Mermaid Syndrome ,Scientifically, the uncommon situation is known as Sirenomelia, Mermaid babies born in Hyderabad Petlaburj Maternity Hospital


The babi born at 7 PM on Wednesday
The babi born at 7 PM on Wednesday

 In which the lower backbone and limbs are fused into one another in mermaid syndrome

HYDERABAD: The doctors on the Petlaburj Maternity Hospital in Hyderabad introduced a child like mermaid with a unprecedented congenital situation known as mermaid syndrome.

The babi born  at 7 PM on Wednesday. Unfortunately, inside  hours of the delivery, the little one died because of excessive malformations.

mermaid syndrome,Scientifically, the rare situation is known as Sirenomelia  in which the lower spine and limbs are fused into one another.

According to the Hospital Superintendent, the defects have been probably now no longer detected before, making the case extra complex.

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