Mamata in protest of ECP’s ban, Trinamool leader holds two campaign rallies after 8 pm


Mamata in protest against the decision of the Election commission
Mamata in protest against the decision of the Election commission


 Prohibition on broadcasting for 24 hours

 Issued by Mamata Banerjee

 Mamata in protest against the decision of the commission

 He will hold two election rallies at night

 Mamata Banerjee to start vote campaign in Barasat after her ban bsm

 The Election Commission has banned Mamata Banerjee’s campaign for 24 hours.  The commission’s ban will end on Tuesday night.  But Mamata Banerjee will come down before him in her protest.  He will hold a sit-in protest at the foot of the Gandhi statue at 12 noon on Tuesday to protest the commission’s decision.  


The Chief Minister will start campaigning at 8 pm after the end of the commission’s ban.  The first public meeting will be held at Vidyasagar Stadium in Barasat.  The second public meeting will be held at BFCF block in Bidhannagar.  

The Deputy Chief Administrator of Barasat said that the party leader would reach Barasat by 7 pm on Tuesday.  He will sit in a dharna position on the stage for an hour.  Then the Trinamool leader will address the public meeting after 8 p.m.

 The Trinamool Congress has been vocal since last night in protest of the Election Commission‘s ban on the party leader.  On the same night, Mamata Banerjee sent a message on social media saying that the whole issue was undemocratic and unconstitutional.  However, due to the ban of the commission, two public meetings in Haringhata and Krishnaganj have been canceled.


 Five people were killed during the voting in Shilatkuchi.  Meanwhile, four people were killed in the firing of the central forces.  The party has claimed that all four are Trinamool supporters.

  In this incident, Mamata Banerjee had accused the Union Home Minister of conspiracy.  He also announced that he would visit the families of the victims in Kochbihar.  

He reached Siliguri accordingly.  But the Election Commission imposed a 72-hour ban on state and central level leaders from entering Kochbihar.  Then Mamata Banerjee raised more voices against the commission.  Since then, the Election Commission has imposed a 24-hour ban on Mamata’s campaign.

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