Coronavirus vaccines in England,second time vaccination starting at the age of 40


Government data as of April 25 shows that of the 46,650,008 covid vaccine given in the UK
Government data as of April 25 shows that of the 46,650,008 covid vaccine given in the UK

 It is the second time this week that the vaccination reserve system has been expanded to include those over 40.

 Coronavirus vaccines in England to people aged 42 and over.

 It is the second time this week that the vaccine reserve system has been expanded. More 40-year-olds were offered it to 44-year-olds and older after yesterday.

 Now people aged 42 and over or people who will turn 42 by July 1st can make an appointment through the national booking website. 

Vaccination program numbers come as numbers over the weekend confirmed that more than half of the entire UK population has received a first dose of a COVID-19 vaccine.

 Government data as of April 25 shows that of the 46,650,008 covid vaccine given in the UK so far, 12,897,123 were second doses. 

The goal of offering the nine most vulnerable groups a first dose of coronavirus vaccine by April 15 was met three days in advance. 

With COVID recruitment a priority, the rollout was slowly expanded to include adults under the age of 50, with people in their forties and forties being the first group to be offered the runoff as part of this second phase.

 When the system opened, two thirds of 45 to 49 year olds had received their first vaccination. A new campaign called “Every Vaccination Brings Hope” was launched this week, which includes a television advertisement showing health care workers and volunteers in the UK starting the vaccination.

During a visit to Wrexham on Monday, Prime Minister Boris Johnson urged people to take the vaccine if it is offered. He also urged the public to be “realistic” about the possibility of the UK being hit by a third wave of COVID-19

“We have built, I think, pretty solid fortifications against the next wave. We’ll have to see how strong they really are in due course,” he said.

 The prime minister denied he was ready to “pile the bodies high”. rather than ordering another blockade, he denied the newspapers’ allegations that he made the comments in October just before England’s second national blockade.

 When asked if he ever made those comments, Johnson said, “No, the most important thing I think people want to do as a government is make sure the shutdowns are working and they are working.” I really pay tribute to that people in this country, in all of our country, who have really come together and – in cooperation with the vaccination program – have the disease under control. 

Vaccines are now administered in over 1,700 locations across England, including bedside doctor’s offices, pharmacies and places of worship, soccer fields and supermarkets.

 In Scotland, the vaccine is still being prepared for people aged 40 and over, while people aged 30 and over will be offered the vaccine across Wales. In Northern Ireland and with those in need of clinical protection, people aged 35 and over have been invited to schedule their vaccination appointments.

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