Tiananmen – 1 Rover: China landed on Mars Tuesday … Space race Continue



China Successfully landed over Mars ,Their rover  Tianwen-1
China Successfully landed over Mars ,Their rover  Tianwen-1


  The space race, which was previously on the moon, has now moved to Mars.  So far, only the United States has entered the Chinese fortress of Colossal. China footprint on Mars by landing Tianwen-1 Rover

 China successfully landed their rover on Tuesday (May 15) morning.  The Tianwen-1 project includes three instruments, an orbiter, a lander and a rover.

  China is the second country to land a rover on Tuesday after the United States through the project.  (In 1971, the Soviet Union launched 3 spacecraft to Mars, but lost contact with it within 20 seconds).  


China’s Tianwen-1 spacecraft landed on Mars, leaving a Chinese footprint on the planet for the first time https://t.co/K7IJGy38Uv pic.twitter.com/67YtwI6r2K

— Reuters (@Reuters) May 15, 2021

In addition, China is proud to be the first country to successfully use three devices in a project.  This is China’s first attempt on Tuesday.  Earlier, in 2012, China sent a Yingho-1 probe to Mars with Russia, which failed.

  China space researcher!



      Launched on July 23 last year from the Wenxang launch pad in China, the Long March 5 spacecraft landed in Tiananmen.  Eight months later, it reached Mars in February of this year and began orbiting Tiananmen.  

The rover is about to land in the huge Chawla of China. China, which was damaged by the lander, has done it successfully today.  China has named the rover provided with the Tianwen Zhurong.  The tunnel is known as the god of fire in Chinese mythology.  China also has the same rover.



   The Chinese orbiter is already sending pictures of Mars.  Both its lander and rover have been sent with the main purpose of obtaining information including geography, environment, atmospheric structure and signs of water presence on Mars.  For this, China has installed 13 tools in the equipment of this project.


    Not only China but also the United States and the United Arab Emirates have sent spacecraft to Mars.  Among them was the sophisticated perversion rover in the United States last February.  The UAE has sent only one orbit to orbit Mars from a distance.

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