Corona-infected Kangana Ranaut says  ‘I didn’t know the virus was partying in the body’


Bollywood Actor Kangana Ranaut affected in Corona
Bollywood Actor Kangana Ranaut affected in Corona

 Corona infected in Bollywood again.  Actress Kangana Ranaut Corona was attacked  her.  A few days ago, Twitter suspended Kangna’s account. He told himself on Instagram that Corona should be attacked.  


He said that there are symptoms of killing virus in the body.  Bollywood’s ‘Queen’ is currently in the home quarantine. 

 Kangana wrote with a picture in a yoga pose, ‘I was feeling tired.  The eyes were burning.  I was thinking of going to Himachal so I did the test yesterday.  Today the result is positive.



 The actress further wrote, ‘I have placed myself in quarantine.  I didn’t know that the virus was partying in the body.  Now I know, this time I will destroy. 


‘  Addressing the fans, he said, ‘If you are afraid of Corona, you will be more scared.  It’s a common flu. ‘  He also alleged that the media was exaggerating.  For the past few days, the actress has been in the business of making ‘offensive’ remarks about Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee.  Twitter has already completely suspended his account.

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