Japan a solid Earthquake shook structures in the capital, Tokyo


Japan on Saturday encountered a solid Earthquake
Japan on Saturday encountered a solid Earthquake  


Japan on Saturday encountered a solid Earthquake  that shook structures in the capital, Tokyo, and set off a torrent notice for the nation’s upper east coast. 

The U.S. Land Survey put the strength at extent 7.2. USGS said the Earthquake was focused 34 kilometers (21 miles) east of Ishinomaki at a profundity of 60 kilometers (37 miles). 


VIDEO: Street cameras capture magnitude 7.0 earthquake in #Japan

— Ethan Biando (@ethanb822) March 20, 2021


The Kyodo news organization said its focal point was off the shoreline of Miyagi prefecture, which was intensely harmed during the enormous seismic tremor and tidal wave of 2011. 


The tsunami wave cautioning was given for Miyagi prefecture. The shaking in began not long before 6:10 p.m.

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