The former police chief of the US Capitol said the security officials of the House of Representatives and the Senate had refused to ask the National Guard,Jan 6 inciden


Former captain secretary chief give different account on Jan 6 riot
Former captain secretary chief give different account on Jan 6 riot

The former police chief of the US Capitol said the security officials of the House of Representatives and the Senate had refused to ask the National Guard for help from the 6th of January protests, which turned into an attack of the mobs on the building. The police chief plans for the attack to communicate two Senate committees that the Unofficates of the House of Representatives and the Senate, who also statements in the same hearing in the Senate, have not adequately prepared for the planned rally of Donald’s followers. . 

The other authorities have submitted an application for approval of the National Guard after the beginning of the attack. The joint consultation of the committees for Senate Department and Rules and Home Protection on Tuesday is the first of a series of investigations of the legislator to the origins of the January 6 Uprising and the inability of the security forces of the Capitol, the mutiny, which left five dead, to anticipate and then suppress. Sound, together with the former Unofficor of the Senate, Michael Stenger, and the former Unofficiary of the house, Paul Irving, statements and contradictory and controversial memories, provide how something went wrong. “We have many questions,” said Senator Gary Peters, Chairman of the Homeland Security Panels, to reporters in front of the “What did they know and what did they expect?” Why were not you really ready to deal with a big attack on the Capitol? “The attack on the Capitol was developed with vivid details in the Trump Senate’s trial after it was ordered for a fee after directing the Mafia.

 The Senate chose on February 13 to include the former president, but the bitter game of The moments have not been the members of both parties are not convening an exhaustive research on the Riot. Two camera hearings related to uprising this week are also scheduled, and the Lieutenant General Russell Army Honoré is carrying out an authorization of Independent Security by the Chamber Chairman, Nancy Pelosi, which also proposes an independent commission inspired by the panel that investigated the terrorist attacks of September 11 to review the causes of the capitol attack and safety failures. Different versions Tuesday’s audience is not the first time that Sund Sung blamed other officials in a letter from February 1 to Pelosi Others at  The leaders of the Chamber and Senate, also rarely noticed that the evaluations of violence or threats from the FBI, the Department of National Security, Intelligence and the District Department of Columbia were incomplete. And he said that during the attack, Irving insisted on holding up through the command chain, which technically includes Pelosi, to obtain consent to seek support from the National Guard, adding hours of delay. Irving, the former sergeant of the house of Arme, plans to offer a different version to the Sund characterization of the January events. 

In the testimony of him prepared for the audience on Tuesday, Irving says that he has no registration of Sund’s call and asks him the call for the help of the National Guard, that afternoon. Irving, very pampered by daily planning, agrees with the Sung’s evaluation that Capitol officials did not have all the information they needed to prepare. Intelligence was not that there was a coordinated attack on the Capitol that was not being considered in any of the interactive discussions that I attended in the days before the attack “, Irving plans to tell the committees of the committees after their written comments. Feed the supporters with stories of who is to blame; Einocrats and Republicans sail on the composition of the Independent Commission that proposed Pelosi. Republicans have asked the Democratic opposition to propose a panel of 11 seats that would result in Democratic Orders of seven Sides, including three to nominate President Joe Bidingen and four to Republicans. Leaders want the panel to be divided into equal parts. 

1 letter to Pelosis asking for responses to her role in planning January for January and responses to the violence that day. Pelosi spokesman Drew Hammill has dismissed this as a “transparent supporter attempt” to blame the speaker while ignoring the speaker. Role of Senate GOP player, Mitch McConnell, who named Stenger. 

There are two more house hearings this week related to the January 6 uprising. – Including statements by the Capitol Police Chief Yogananda Pittman and Brazs House Sgt. Timothy Blodgett Thursday. They have already testified in a closed hearing before the House Appropriations Committee. Capitol Police officers are still affected by the attack, which killed one officer and injured 140 Capitol and metropolitan police officers. 

 A Capitol Force member and a D. Police officer committed suicide after the attack. Demonecological Police Chief Robert Contee is a fourth invited witness from

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