A sharp Sneer at the center, IMA in favor of lockdown across the country, ‘Wake up from sleep’, our advice is practically thrown in the ‘dustbin’



IMA, in favor of lockdown across the country,

 IMA, in favor of lockdown across the country, ‘wake up from sleep’, sneers at the center

  The Indian Medical Association is virtually disappointed with the role of the center in the second wave of Covid. 

 In an official statement on Saturday, the IMA said, “We are shocked by the Union Ministry of Health’s excessive indifference and inappropriate action in the crisis that has erupted in the second wave of Covid.” 

 Complaining to IMA, the government has practically thrown the advice of experts in the ‘dustbin’.  Decisions are being made without understanding the ground reality.

#PMOIndia #NITIAayog #LargestVaccineDrive #IMAIndiaOrg IMA demands the health ministry wake up from its slumber and responds to mitigate the growing challenges of the pandemic. pic.twitter.com/7OxKgLhi9Q

— Indian Medical Association (@IMAIndiaOrg) May 8, 2021

 The IMA has agreed to a countrywide lockdown as a remedy to the escalation of covid.  The IMA claims that they are not in favor of a 10-15 day lockdown in different states, but should have a well-planned lockdown across the country.  

The statement further alleged, “The Center did not lock down even though they were offered.  Today there are more than 4 lakh infections every day.

  At least 40 percent of the patients are in critical condition.  Even for the Oxygen Crisis across the country, the IMA has made a mockery of the Center.  The country has enough oxygen, but the distribution is not going well, like them.

 Not only the IMA, but also the editor of the famous medical journal The Lancet has lashed out at the Center for its failure to deal with Covid.  

In their view, the manner in which the Prime Minister resorted to repression during the disaster is an unforgivable crime.

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