Vulnerability in the US cloud computing service provider .Massive internet outage, hits Bloomberg,, NYT.


The cause of the failure was initially unknown. However, a Reuters report pointed to a vulnerability in the US cloud, Internet outage

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The cause of the failure was initially unknown. However, a Reuters report pointed to a vulnerability in the US cloud computing service provider Fastly. examined “the potential performance impact of our CDN services. A major internet outage hit social media platforms, governments and news portals around the world on Tuesday, 

causing them to briefly stall in some parts of the world, a mistake at US cloud computing service provider Fastly. Fastly of San Francisco said it is “studying the potential impact on the performance of our CDN services,” Reuters reported.Most of Fastly’s coverage areas were experiencing “degraded performance,” the website revealed. Quickly run a content delivery network that sends data quickly across the Internet so businesses can help consumers shop online or watch videos in apps and websites. 

Here is the list of websites

Affected: Reddit

 Almost 21,000 Reddit users reported problems with the social media platform, Reuters reported. 

The Inc 

retail website appeared to be unavailable. Amazon was not immediately available for comment. More than 2,000 users have reported problems with Amazon, according to the outage monitoring website. Down detector.

Amazon’s Twitch also had an outage, according to the Downdetector website. 

News websites : NYT website reported outage on Tuesday, Financial Times, New York Times, Bloomberg News websites down. Leading websites operated by media outlets such as the Financial Times, The Guardian, The New York Times and Bloomberg News were down. 

The Qatar-based Al Jazeera Media Network also confirmed the failure.

 The BBC and the New York Times were accessible after being temporarily inaccessible. a major internet outage and you will be back as soon as possible. Verge is currently reporting from Google Docs that their website is down, saying that “a major outage has spread across the internet.Le Monde de France was also affected. Government websites Among those affected, the UK government website showed the message “Error 503 Service Unavailable” and the line “Varnish Cache Server”, a technology based on Fastly.

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