Sonu Sood: Helped millions of people in Corona time lockdown. SpiceJet honored him by naming the Messiah by sharing SpiceJet in an unprecedented way.




   Mumbai-based Bollywood actor Sonu Sood helped millions of workers return home during the lockdown. The Messiah for the victims was Sonu, who brought the needy people home by bus, train and plane with his own efforts and free of cost. 

Ass a result, he received a lot of praise at home and abroad. For this he has received all kinds of honors. He has recently received such an honor. In fact, domestic airline SpiceJet has honored Sonu Sood in a unique way.


  The airline is honoring Sonu Sood with a large photo of him on a SpiceJet Boeing 737 to salute his work. spice jet share shared these photos on her Twitter account. It is further said, “Peace be upon the Messiah Sonu Sud.” Sonu Sood also thanked the company for giving him this honor.


   Sonu Sood arranged for the return of millions of students and workers stranded in the country during the Corona epidemic. He helped every needy person during this time. Not only that, Indian students stranded in other countries also returned home due to his efforts.


  Not only did he arrange for the repatriation of Indian students stranded in various parts of the world such as Uzbekistan, Russia, Almaty, Kyrgyzstan, but actor Sanu Sood also extended a helping hand to all doctors and frontline staff during the epidemic.

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