Indian Medical Association (IMC) has requested Health Minister Harsh Vardhan to take action against SWAMI Ramdev for allegation of modern medicine under epidemic law.


Ramdev babas, a recent video on social media titled "Allopathy ek aisistupid and diwaliya science ha
Ramdev babas, a recent video on social media titled “Allopathy ek aisistupid and diwaliya science ha

The Indian Medical Association (IMC) has appointed Minister of Health Dr. Harsh Vardhan urged to take action against Yog Guru Swami Ramdev under the Epidemic Law for making allegations about modern medicine, especially during the current crisis. Unprecedented healthcare costs due to COVID-19.

 He warned that if the minister fails to take suo moto action, he will be forced to resort to democratic weapons to convey the truth to the common man and knock on the doors of justice for fair justice. 

Ramdev babas, a recent video on social media titled “Allopathy ek aisistupid and diwaliya science hai”. He also contradicted your statement that the Lakho logo ki maut Allopathy ki dawai khane se hui hai challenged the wisdom and integrity of the Comptroller General of Drugs of India and the Minister of Health.

 “Therefore, under Section 3 of the Epidemic Diseases Act, read with Section 188 of the Indian Penal Code, Swami Ramdev deserves to be prosecuted for disobeying Ying and making life dangerous for many people who believe and will not make them believe Obey Allopathy Drug Instructions.

His quote about favi piravir as a fever / antipyretic is ridiculous, childish and shows his deep scientific knowledge, IMA said. 

According to IMA, Yoga Guru is a corporate giant of a pharmaceutical unit and has consistently made several fake acquisitions in his company’s productions again to deceive the public. 

The controversies surrounding Coronil and Swazari are well known and the criminal complaint in court is evidence of their misadventures, he said.

 All of this is being done by Swami Ramdev to take advantage of the situation and get a false sense of it Fear and frustration in public opportunity to sell his illegal and so-called unapproved drugs and make money at the public’s expense.

 When such adored people make scathing remarks, they call into question the authority and integrity of the entire architecture. 

In another ministry, the Hon. Minister of Health, a practicing allopathic modern medicine graduate and head of that ministry, faces the challenge. 

And the indictment of this gentleman, and the dismantling of modern medical facilities, of courageously confronting and prosecuting people for his arson words. 

About the sovereignty of the country and the reservation of the epidemic law to save millions of people from such unscientific statements, said the IMA national president Dr. JA Jayalal and the Secretary General of Honor, Dr. Jayesh Lele, in a strong statement.

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