Is Facebook WhatsApp going to be shut down in India after Tik Tok ???  Today is the deadline for issuing new guidelines.


Is Facebook WhatsApp banned in India
Is Facebook WhatsApp banned in India

 Facebook, Twitter, Instagram going to be closed in India after Tik Tok is Banned?  

These popular social media are now facing the same question as the Centre’s issued Social Media Guidelines have not been implemented yet.  

The Center issued a set of guidelines on February 25 to curb the misuse of social media.  A three-month deadline has been set to implement the guidelines.  

Today is his last day.  But according to sources, no social media other than the Ku app has spoken out about the guideline.

 According to the guidelines issued by the Center, from now on, those posters and related media can be taken to court against objectionable posts on social media

 There is also talk of imposing a three-tier control system on OTT platforms. 

 Union Ministers Prakash Javadekar and Ravi Shankar Prasad held a press conference and spoke in detail about the new guidelines for social media and OTT platforms.  

According to the new rules, there will be a section for making complaints on every social platform.  Action must be taken within 72 hours of receiving the complaint on the OTT platform.

 The government has said that if social media does not make a decision on the implementation of the guidelines by May 25, their use in India will be hampered.  

Confiscated will be declared.  According to Section 69 of the Information Technology Act, criminal action may be taken against offensive content posted on social media.

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