New Zealand post depot Napir,earthquake video 7.1 magnitude

Earthquake , Newziland Video of Earthquake
Earthquake , Newziland Video of Earthquake

earthquake video 7.1 magnitude.The earthquake  hit the New Zealand post depot  in Napir, took this morning’s 7 .1 Earthquake attack has been photographed by the Lens of the New Zealand Post Office in Napir. 

  shows that the earthquake video occurred at the 105km east of Te Araroa at a depth of 90km, at 2.27am this morning. 

                                      Video Courtesy :Kimharley LanitG


GEONET describes the earthquake

“serious;. After the tsunami warning is released, some Ohhop residents have been captured in the earthquake video. Before the tsunami warning is released, the families close to the beach quickly respond, leaving the coast. New Zealand More than 52,000 people feel the earthquake.

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