A video of a massive clash between two groups has gone viral.Bollywood Actor Ajay Devgan beats up in Delhi at midnight, viral video


Bollywood actor Ajay Devgan.  Bollywood superstar Ajay Devgan is being beaten like this

 #NewDelhi: A video of a massive clash between two groups has gone viral in Delhi at midnight.  The viral video is spreading like wildfire on social media  In this video, it is claimed that the person who is being beaten is Bollywood actor Ajay Devgan.  Bollywood superstar Ajay Devgan is being beaten like this

 Ajay Devgn was intoxicated when the gossip spread on social media.  There was a big quarrel about parking his car  After which the people became one and started fighting with him  In the video, however, the person is claimed to be Ajay Devgan, but his face is not clearly seen in the video.  But netizens are calling him Ajay Devgan because of his similarities in size and appearance.


Not really sure if this is #ajaydevgan or not but #Kisanektamorcha agitation seems to be spreading up. Social media floating with this video that drunk @ajaydevgn got beaten up?? #RakeshTikait pic.twitter.com/Fv8j0kG5fv

— lalit kumar (@lalitkumartweet) March 28, 2021

 A netizen shared a viral video of the whole fight  So that a drunk wearing a white shirt can be seen beating  Posting the video, the man wrote, “I don’t know if the man is Ajay Devgan or anyone else, but there is growing anger among the people over the agrarian movement. The video is also spreading fast on social media where it is claimed that this man is Ajay Devgan.”

 Searching for information about the video, it is learned that the video was made by Aerocity near Indira Gandhi International Airport near the capital Delhi.  There was a fight between the two groups over parking at night  Tensions continue to rise, leading to more people getting involved in the riots  Then the fight started

  The person seen in the video is in an impossibly intoxicated state but his face is not clear  But according to the investigation, that person is not   .He has nothing to do with the incident  Police have arrested the main accused in the case

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