Donald Trump’s expatriate niece said in a report that the failed coup has left his uncle even more desperate.


If Trump was not removed from office before the end of his term.Merry Term Says
If Trump was not removed from office before the end of his term.Merry Term Says

  He predicted that his instability would increase if Trump was not removed from office before the end of his term.Merry Terump Says


  Mary Trump received the news during a therapy session in Cape Cod on Wednesday, when a mob of extremists broke into the Capitol building in violation of the law, excited to keep her uncle in office.

  When the president’s expatriate niece Trump matched the madman in real time, it took about half an hour to respond to the attempted coup.

  “It’s not a surprise. No one will be surprised by it,” he said.  “And that includes not only the lack of response, but also the terrible support given to this rebellious mob.”

  Trump, a clinical physiologist, an outspoken critic of his uncle, published a book last year entitled “Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man.”

   He has not contacted Trump or anyone in his family since the book was published.

 However, he can imagine, based on his experience of narcissism, that he is now more desperate than before.

  “Donald always thinks it’s impossible for him to lose and what it ends with a win is under consideration, even if there are a few million more stars after that,” the president’s niece said.  “He’s getting increasingly frustrated that literally nothing seems to be working. There’s no one to get him out of this.”

  Trump said he was not sure his uncle was mentally capable of acknowledging that his time at the White House was running out.  Although he does, he can be particularly dangerous.

  “It’s the opposite of everything she’s experienced in her life, and above all, the worst thing in the universe is her,” she said.

  Mary Trump said she thinks she’s taking charge of her uncle and that she uses the word “heartbreaking” too often, but it’s best to describe how she feels about witnessing Wednesday’s chaos in the District of Columbia.

  “It’s heartbreaking, it’s just that, to see these enemies of democracy – these people who want to see the last end of America to illegally keep a traitor like Donald in office – accidentally walk into our Capitol building and it undermines everything symbolic.”

 Mary Trump said, “This is the most wonderful and tragic display of contempt for our Constitution that I have ever seen those who were elected and promised to protect and safeguard this Constitution,” Mary Trump said.

  He said the scene at the Capitol was made possible by the notion that America is a “horribly racist country” that has no problem with domestic terrorism if the actors are white.

  Yet, as serious as the steps were, he was concerned about the crowd he said his uncle had made only “shots on the bow”.

  President-elect Joe Biden has no insider information about his uncle or his children’s plans after the inauguration, but he knows he is unable to take any losses

  “Of course, what happens when the Oval Office no longer has the power and security? When it was moving around on January 20, it had serious and serious problems,” he said.

  “He’s getting very busy with the allegations. He knows I’ve got at least three lawsuits, one of which is mine, for which he will need to be fired,” he added.  “I think the banks are also likely to call in a lot of his loans, now there’s no reason for him not to lend.”

  Mary Trump hopes that the president will try to pardon himself and the people around him from any federal crime, but in the end it will not save him from any inevitable life.

  “He can go ahead and do it. Like everything else, it would be a terrible thing to testify, but a great plan of things would not free them from state complaints or pending lawsuits or financial difficulties,” he said.

  Even before he went that far, Trump needed his niece, Insider, to “incarnate and be removed from office immediately.”

  “If this doesn’t happen, it’s a complete failure of our system and it’s not good for our fragile, wounded democracy,” he said.

  But beyond that, if Donald Trump is not removed before he takes office, he will become increasingly restless, he said.

  Aides to the president said this week that he was too busy during the siege and that his officials did not comment further.

  “If you’re paying attention right now, you should both be angry and panicked,” Trump said.  “It’s tiring, but necessary because when people aren’t paying attention, things like yesterday are allowed to happen.”


  “We can’t leave Donald Trump behind. He’s frustrated, he’s terrified, he has absolutely no sympathy, and he’s a constant,” Trump’s niece Merry Trump said.

  “I’m not entirely sure that it’s possible for him to accept the recognition that he’s going down, because his atheism is going so deep, but if he goes this way, he’ll take us all with him.”

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