The Supreme Court of Pakistan on Tuesday directed the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa provincial government To rebuild the newly attacked Krishna Dwar temple

Vandalised the Hindu Mandir in Pakisthan Khyber Palhtunkhwa Ptovinces -
Vandalised the Hindu Mandir in Pakisthan Khyber Pakhtunkhwa PtovincesPhoto Credit -Dwan 

 The Supreme Court of Pakistan on Tuesday directed the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa provincial government to make arrangements for the reconstruction of the tomb of Shri Paramahansa ji Maharaj along with the Krishna Dwar temple at Teri village in Karak district within two weeks.

  Hundreds of people vandalized, attacked and set fire to Hindu temples on December 30.


Discovery of 1300 year old archeological sites in West Pakistan, this Hindu temple is a symbol of Gandhara civilization.

  Earlier, Pakistan’s Chief Justice Gulzar Ahmed, who had issued a notice in the Suomoto case regarding the attack on the shrine, said the Supreme Court would hear the case on January 5.

  Minority lawmaker Ramesh Kumar was holding his meeting in Karachi last week when the chief justice took the action after learning about the temple vandalism.

  Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has directed the government and the Awqaf department to start the work immediately and submit a progress report on the reconstruction work within two weeks.

  The chief justice further observed that the people who vandalized the temple would have to pay for the reconstruction.

  The court also sought a report on the number of temples in Pakistan, the occupation of land owned by the Waqf Division and the steps taken by the authorities regarding the occupation of the land.

  All the temples in Pakistan fall under the category of Awqaf.

  Earlier, a one-member commission on minority rights submitted a written report to the Supreme Court on the Karak Temple attack.  The report was prepared by former police chief Muhammad Shoaib

 The commission recommended a proper investigation into the temple vandalism.  According to the report, Maulvi Sharif, the main suspect in the case, is believed to have incited people to violence, citing reports that the temple land record should be scrutinized during partition.

  The report recommended that the Home Department take steps to prevent the entry of suspects inside the temple.  The report recommended exemplary punishment for the suspects to prevent such incidents in the future.

   The temple was first attacked and demolished in 1997.  The local community agreed to rebuild it after the Supreme Court intervened in 2015.

  Despite the restructuring, disputes arose over the land allotted for the temple.  This led to some misunderstandings between temple supporters and local scholars.

  Since the latest incident, local police have arrested at least 14 people.

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