Dilip Ghosh attacked in Kochbihar!  Alleged bombing targeting the car, throwing bricks


Attack on BJP State President Dilip Ghosh Convoy
Attack on BJP State President Dilip Ghosh Convoy


 Kochbihar: BJP state president Dilip Ghosh attacked again.BJP state president Dilip Ghosh was attacked again.  Alleged bombing targeting Dilip’s convoy on its way back from a meeting at Shitalkuchi in Kochbihar.


  The BJP state president claimed that his convoy stood in the middle of a field to avoid the crowd on the way back from the meeting.  At that time, some miscreants in the grassroots, including firearms, attacked him.  His convoy was bombed.  Dilip claimed that two bombs had also fallen on his car.  Not only that, the glass of his car was broken by hitting half a brick.  His own body was also hit by a brick.  Dilip claimed that another vehicle of the convoy was also bombed

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