Queen Elizabeth II Openning the UK Parliament, but with less ceremony


The Queen announced the UK government’s plans in Pairlement for next year at an official event in London.

 Space for the monarch to outline government policy for the next parliamentary session.

 The speech is given by the Queen but written for her by the Government. His speech announced more than 25 bills and bills delivered from the throne in the House of Lords, the House of Lords. The event began at exactly 12 noon CEST with the procession of the queens from Buckingham Palace to Westminster, accompanied by the house cavalry. 

It is the first official event in Queens since the death of her husband, Prince Philip. The Prince of Wales accompanied the Queen, who was not in her usual dress, in procession behind the royal crown.

 Her own position as Black Rod, a position currently held by Sarah Clarke, called the House of Commons together.The doors of the House of Commons were slammed in the face – a traditional civil war practice that symbolized the Commons’ independence from the monarchy.

 What’s in the speech?

 The Queen Elizabeth II announced in UK Pairlement a 16-year Education and Skills Act that legislation will support a “lifetime guarantee of qualifications to allow flexible access to quality education and training throughout people’s lives”. The speech also touched on a new planning draft to revise the planning system in England. Zoning system to accelerate planning implementation and support city councils in achieving construction goals. 

The idea was criticized by opposition parties. He also said his government wants to improve tenants’ rights. the introduction of a legal ban on so-called gay “conversion therapy” in England and Wales. There will be measures to combat electoral fraud, including requiring voters to show photo ID to cast their vote, and new rules to limit postal voting and intimidation of voters. A Health and Care Act will implement planned changes to the structure of the NHS of England.

He added that his ministers will propose legislation that will allow the NHS to “innovate and adopt the technology”. 

This would mean that patients could receive more individual and preventive care in the local area. The Queen Elizabeth II  announced the UK government’s intention to enact the controversial Police, Crime, Conviction and Courts Act, which sparked a series of protests when debated by MPs earlier this year. 

The Queen outlined the environmental law, which focuses on protecting nature and combating climate change after Brexit. So far, however, it has been an obligation to set new legally binding targets ahead of the Cop26 international climate summit in Glasgow later this year. 

Plans to reform the asylum system were announced to prevent migrants from crossing the Canal de la Mancha from continent Europe. After the ceremony, the Queen left and a new  parliamentary session UK began. I am for several days and have examined different subject areas. 

The queens‘ speech is then voted on by the Commons, but rarely by the Lords. Some traditions surrounding the opening of the state and the speech of the monarch go back to the 16th century. Today’s Pairlement ceremony, however, dates back to the inauguration of a rebuilt Palace of Westminster in 1852 after a major fire in 1834.

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