Will Google monitor your transaction data with Google Pay?


Google announced on Thursday, March 11 that an update is coming next week for Google Pay,
Google announced on Thursday, March 11 that an update is coming next week for Google Pay,

The new policy Google Pay allows users to smooth user experience


  The new policy allows Google Pay  users to see how easy it is to use.

   Google announced on Thursday, March 11 that an update is coming next week for Google Pay, the digital wallet platform Google Pay, which was previously the name Tej, will allow the company to store the data of its users for transaction purposes.

  This update brings users an alternative way to share their transaction information with the agency.  Google currently stores limited data based on the app’s user usage.  Google will use it for financial transactions for the first time.

  These updates are being rolled out to individual users only, not to business accounts.  Google Pay’s new data policy details that.

  New policy details

   Google has updated its payment application policy in India which gives users full control over their transaction data ‘potential control of data, reducing regulators’ fears about ’

  The new policy allows users to see how their Google Pay data will be used.  The latest feature is that customers can remove their last ten UPI payments or card transactions if they want to opt out of Google’s new policy.

 “Next week, you will be given more control over how you use your Google Pay activity to personalize features within your Google Pay app settings app. Upgrade all users to the next version of the Google Pay app. Choose whether to turn the control on or off.  There is a way to do that, ”Google said in a blog post.

  What happens if you share your data?

    For users who agree to share their transaction information with Google, the app will allow Google to use personal data.

  The goal of personalizing the app is to present their user experience which will provide better benefits to their specific needs.

    Google will not sell any user data to third parties, the company said in a statement.  The search engine also insisted that the transaction history not be shared with any other Google products for advertising.

     What can happen if you do not provide your data?

    If the user does not want to provide his data, click on the opt-out option.  The Google Pay account will continue to work just as well.

     The only difference is that the app will not be personalized.

      “We know that providing security and privacy is important for products and services, and users want more control and transparency about how their transaction data is used,” Ambare Keneh, vice president-product of Google Pay, said in a blog post.  He said.

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