President Emmanuel Macron discours about France new covid-19 wave entered 


President Emmanuel Macron discours about new covid-19 wave in France
President Emmanuel Macron discours about new covid-19 wave in France

President Emmanuel Macron discours about new covid-19 wave entered into France,He hoping a vaccination drive can stave off the gruesomeness effects of a new pandemic wave of covid-19

In France it has entered the third covid wave; The highest level of new cases from November

 Meanwhile, French Prime Minister Jean Castex told parliament on Tuesday that France had risen above the 25-day average of 25,000 new cases for the first time since November 20. France is reported to have entered the third wave of the Covid-19 epidemic.

 The French health authorities submitted 29,975 new case reports on Tuesday, a 4.5% jump over the previous Tuesday and the fastest increase in a week.

  France is constantly jumping on the bandwagon of new cases, putting pressure on the country’s hospital system, which leading health experts say can only be saved with new lockdowns.

  France, like many other countries in the European Union, lags far behind the United States or Britain in administering the Covid Vaccine.

  President Emmanuel Macron still hopes that a vaccination campaign could counteract the effects of new epidemics caused by more contagious forms and thus prevent France from a third national lockdown.

  However, the decision to suspend the use of the AstraZeneca vaccine, announced on Monday due to safety concerns, could jeopardize the government’s strategy.

  The intensive care unit for Covid-19 in France which has 4,239 patients, has risen to 22 hours over 24 hours, touching the highest line in nearly four months, the health ministry said. The total number of people hospitalized for the disease rose by 23, to 25,492, the highest since February 24.

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