New Delhi: The whole country was watching the results of the five state assembly elections. As per the results released last Thursday, Gerua storm has risen in all the four states except Punjab. And this great result is giving confidence to the BJP for tomorrow’s elections. As the power in the Rajya Sabha is increasing, so is the opinion of the ruling party in electing a new president.

The BJP’s landslide victory in Uttar Pradesh is expected to have a significant impact on the upcoming Rajya Sabha elections. This election is going to be held on March 31. On the other hand, the presidential election is going to be held next July. Note that the country’s presidential election is held through the Electoral College. There are a total of 10 lakh 96 thousand 903 voting powers. The voting power of every MP is 606. On the other hand, in the case of legislators, the importance of state-based voting varies. Uttar Pradesh MLAs have the highest vote value, 207. With the BJP winning more than 260 seats in this year’s Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections, it goes without saying that their views will be paramount in the presidential election as well.

According to sources, incumbent Vice President Benakia Naidu is leading the race for the presidency. However, the BJP leadership has not yet made a final decision on whether to remove Ramnath Kobind from the presidency or reinstate him for a second term. So far, only Rajendra Prasad Cholei, the country’s first president, has been elected twice in a row.

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