International girl child day theme 2022 significance

International Day of the Girl Child is observed on October 11 to raise awareness of the contribution and potential of women in society.

This year 2022 is the 10th anniversary of the UN IGD This year, the aim is to focus on issues important to girls in all fields. Engaging governments, policy makers and the general public. They are world class and need to create more possibilities about them.

International Day of the Girl Child 2022: Theme

This year’s theme of the International Day of the Girl Child is ‘Our time is now our right, our future’. Girls in a Place of Possibilities Focusing on the multifaceted challenges that lie ahead for girls to move forward, their mission is to grow. Post-Covid-19, girls continue to struggle with their physical and mental well-being.
Girls struggle with issues related to their education, their physical and mental well-being, and living a life free of violence.

International girl child day 2022
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The United Nations is reaching out to change organizations in a variety of ways: stories, blogs and videos of Girl Changemakers.

All people are encouraged to get involved by sharing them Other ways include creating more targeted investment in the cause of girls in their own countries, governments and policy makers, and highlighting and promoting key female influencers as the face of change.

International Day of the Girl Child: History

The International Day began in 1995 with the Beijing Declaration and Action Plan, for the first time in history, aimed at advancing girls’ rights.

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In 2011, the United Nations General Assembly passed Resolution 66/170 and adopted October 11 as the International Day of the Girl Child.

This is an annual day to honor girls. Each year a topic is focused on and a new theme is chosen.

International Day of the Girl Child was first celebrated in 2012. It was on the theme of prevention of child marriage. Since then the day has been celebrated in more than 2,043 countries around the world for two years.

International Day of the Girl Child: Significance

Raising voice for the rights of abused girls around the world. International Day of the Girl Child calls on people to empower themselves to be the voice of change. Against deep-rooted gender discrimination that creates problematic mindsets that cause girls to face obstacles in society.

The International Day of the Girl Child raises awareness about this and issues an action-oriented plan for the upliftment of young girls. Because empowered girls without discrimination are the future of a great and progressive society.

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